Wednesday, October 24

Grove City

In olden days, I used to drive up to Grove City Pennsylvania once a week to do the announcing for the GNCC TV shows. Grove City is home of Gear Racewear, Mototees and the Gear Media and Marketing, which produces the shows. After making the 120 mile drive each week for the last two years, this season we set up a recording studio at the Racer office in Morgantown so I can voice the shows there. It saves tons of time for me--I download the show, do the voice work and then FTP the audio file back over. Much better.

There are a few big projects that require me to come up here, though. Today, for example, myself and Rodney Tomblin are announcing the Loretta Lynn's DVD, so we have to be here since it's a two-man show. And you know what today is? Wednesday.

Every Wednesday here in Grove City they hold a bible study session. I guess it's something some of the employees decided to do, they keep the faith burning with some talks during their Wednesday lunch hour. That's all well and good, except it seems like whenever I do have to come up here to do TV, it happens to be on a Wednesday afternoon. And the scenario, as was repeated once again today, goes like this:

Bible Study Group is out in the conference room listening to some enlightening, inspiring CD. I'm in the room next to them, screaming my lungs out about another GNCC battle-"And now Borich is back in front of Ballance!!!! David Knight has taken over the leeeeeeeeaaaaad!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE COME FROM BEHIND EFFORT FROM BARRY HAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And out in the conference room, while trying to listen to "peace on earth and good will to men" they are just bombarded with "Oh my GOD WHAT A BATTLE BETWEEN THESE TWO!!!!! THIS IS ALL OUT WAR!!!!!"

While listening to "do unto others as you would do unto yourself" they're also hearing "KNIGHT DOES NOT CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS HE IS OUT THERE TO TAKE THIS CHAMPIONSHIP AWAY FROM MULLINS!!!!!"

Then when it's all over I come back over into the conference room and eat some of the pizza the study group ordered.


Brian said...

One day the meek shall inherit the earth. We will ride quiet earth friendly motorcycles that never stall, or eject you violently over the handle bars. However, today isn't that ONE day. LETS EAT THEIR PIZZA!!!

Dad said...

It's like the miracle of the loaves and pizzas!

Jeremy said...

The exciting thing about working at gear media is that on the Wednesdays when you are not here I am editing your screaming to they still get to hear it.

This week we had subs.