Friday, October 19

More Comebacks than Demuth, more shots than Ferry took at Reed

Okay cue the recording: I'm back baby!

This is the 174,000th time Blogandt has started and stalled and returned since we started it back in October '05, (and be We, I mean me, since surely I alienate all of my readers with these drop outs--I've had more of them than James Stewart and Sean Hamblin combined during the 2005 AMA Nationals).

Back then Bubba and Hambone were racing on KX250s, antiquated equipment by 2005. Well, I was apparently competing on a 2005 in 2007, as the Word Press software I've been using for the last year just isn't cutting it anymore. I started this blog on The Racing Paper website, got booted once I left the helm of that paper to Billy Ursic, and the jumped onto Word Press. Then my server melted down in August, I got placed on the Racer X server a few weeks later, and then Word Press got hijacked last Friday. I believe it got hijacked by Chad Reed, because the last post I was able to make regarded him, and then I couldn't post another thing after that. Also, the customized look of the blog got stripped away by the hjackers. And the comment function went away. And then I couldn't log in to my own blog.

But that's okay. For the past few months the Racer X gang has been developing a blog section of the Racer X site. Managing editor Bryan Stealey had a blog going, Steve Bruhn has his Weekend Window, and we're about to add Sarah Whitmore to the blogger list. There are more to come, too, because we're going to build a blog community at Racer X and blogandt will be the centerpiece.

(I made up the part about this being the centerpiece)

Anyway that's the deal. Blogandt is back and my all-time dream for this blog, that it would become work related, and hence work required to I would have NO CHOICE but to update it is almost here.

I also have about 50,000 words worth of stuff from the US Open but that's so last weekend (look for it next week right here anyway. Enjoy your weekend folks (and Matthes)).


#1 said...

i can't wait until you start blogging about GNCCs

Hattica said...

Three cheers for the return of the blogant! You're a silly bastage and the word needs to be spoken. Keep'em coming.