Friday, December 7

Battling the King of All Media

How do I deal with this? Two weeks ago Leticia Cline--Racer X model, cast member on the Racer X Motocross Show on by the Howard Stern show during a trip to NY. As was to be expected when you're on Howard, ESPECIALLY if you're trying to make a name for yourself and build your career, Leticia ended up doing some stuff on there that she probably didn't intend to do at first. One was take her clothes off, but that's pretty tame for Howard and for Leticia, since she was already in Playboy (that damned issue cost me $10.99 and I'm still trying to figure out if I can hand the receipt into my accountant as a legit business expense). But she also talked about some pretty wild stuff, like how she enjoys being choked during sex, and then it all crescendoed (literally, really) with a ride on the sybian chair, which really served as the climax of the whole show.

It was all in good fun, and the gang of unmarried 20-something guys at the office loved it. But then reality hit. The crew behind the GNCC TV Shows was seriously considering adding Leticia to the GNCC shows for 2008. They even brought her in for the last round of the season in '07 so she could get a feel for the series (make up your own joke now). We were trying to schedule a meeting up at the Gear headquarters in Pennsylvania where Leticia and I could shoot some stuff on camera together (ha!). Well, the meeting wasn't going to happen now. On second thought, we just knew some parents where going to go all irate about their six-year-old racing a so-called family series with some ______ as the host. I really don't know what the right decision was, and honestly no one does. Just watch all the presidential debates right now and you'll see how issues like this will never be solved. But, we had to take the high road, and ultimately Gear decided not to bring Leticia in for 2008. She wasn't really fired since she hadn't been hired yet, and Howard's idea of "it's motorcycle racing, shouldn't they like that kind of thing?" doesn't really take into account that it's a family sport first. No one from outside of our sport (like Howard) ever realizes that.

So I guess what had to be done was done. Leticia made the right move for her career by going on the show and raising as many, er, as much hell as she could. I think the GNCC TV crew did the right thing by passing on her. It really could have turned into trouble. But Leticia is still cool and I enjoyed working with her (working? is that what you call it, Weege?) and I hope for the best for her career. I honestly was surprised she was even interested in GNCC anyway.

The only thing that doesn't make sense in this whole deal? The CRAZY emails I got today. I mean, we've pissed some people off in the past. From changing classes or rules or penalizing people, or dealing with protests, sometimes things in racing come down to a decision by the promoter, and you can't make everyone happy. But believe it or not, today was the wildest day ever as far as hate mail in the inbox. Ready fro a sample?

I'll keep this short and simple..

I am disgusted with GNCC's hypocrisy in the firing of Leticia Cline
over her appearance on the Howard Stern Show.
From this point on I will not only refuse to support GNCC in any way
shape or form.
I am also going to discuss this with my fellow riders in a complete
boycott of GNCC.

Shame on your organization for firing Leticia Cline for appearing on the Howard Stern show – before her appearance I would never have known what GNCC racing even was.

The young lady did nothing wrong. She has appeared in playboy and that’s fine but being on a radio show that you have to pay to receive is inappropriate.

What a wonderful Christmas present you’ve given her.

What a shame – hope you sleep well.

Due to your treatment of Leticia Cline we will no longer follow your circuit or attend your events - re: put money into your pockets by spending money at your events.

You guys are awful for letting Leticia Cline go. She is the only one to bring any noteriety or publicity to your organization. Who would have heard of you other wise?
She is a very wonderful and beautiful woman.

I hope you guys aren’t the one who dumped her for being on Howard Stern. I had never even heard of you guys and I ride quads here in So Cal. If so, YOU PEOPLE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to write you a note telling you that I am a life long fan of Howard Stern and that there was nothing wrong with what the young lady did that you fired for being on Stern. Leticia Cline seemed like a very pleasant young woman that was/ is dedicated to your company. Stern is really not about filth as most people think, he is very intelligent and basically holds a mirror up to facets of life that most don't get to see. Back to Leticia, she did nothing wrong and was very driven to support your company. Just to let you know that I am not from the dreggs of society. I have a masters in Mechanical Eng., I was a Naval Submarine Officer, and I am a Nuclear Plant Operator. You all messed up, and you should fix it.

You all must be a bunch of idiots for firing Leticia Cline. How is going on Howard Stern any different than Playboy?? Jason, if you don't personally agree with this decision, then I am sorry you are stuck working there. If you do agree with this, then $#&^ you. I guess it is to be expected with a bunch of hicks from West Virginia. Have fun ..... (I'll edit the rest because Blogandt is not on Sirius)

Okay, what the hell happened here? How did this affect/effect ANY of these people? Why would they even care? She wasn't even ON THE SHOWS to begin with! It's not like she was feeding her family with this job and we took bread off the table. But for real, why would you get this fired up over someone you don't know doing something that has zero affect/effect on you?

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. It's Howard. This is the King of all Media. This is what he does. He stirs his troops up. They do as he instructs. Maybe I'll even get some prank calls next.

You can't beat that guy.


Anonymous said...

Baba Booey! Baba Booey!


Jason Weigandt said...

Hey Dad, I'm waiting by the phone for any number of the Howard clan to c-c-c-c-c-c call here. Maybe high pitched Erik will dial? Or maybe just someone stringing me along until they drop a comment about Howard's ass?

T-Square said...

She needs to go on Bubba's Show on Sirius Howard 101, he at least is into stock car racing, I think we could turn him onto motocross, he has a son that races cars, motocross has got to be cheaper right? Plus, Florida is not a bad place for a motocrossers....Maybe you could hire "Eric the Actor" for the 2008 GNCC Shows or better yet, Jeff the Drunk.

Clash said...

Leave it to The Weege to dispel all the rumors and thankfully put this to rest. Thank you for clearing that up.

Its conscious reporters like you that would order the Playboy and tolerate the Stern show to form your own objective opinion and not bow down to the ignorant masses.

Well done, sir.

Saylor-RacerTV said...

Well you said it best, even if it's bad publicity, at least people are talking about us.

Daniel said...

Wow!! Those letters are crazy. Especially the one where you get called out by name. I have to wear a name tag at my job, which is kinda weird in some ways. And it makes my hair stand up funny when someone calls me out by name like that. It is almost threating sometimes depending on how the person says it. It just seems weird to me when someone says, "Now Daniel, tell me the truth here....."

DJ 868 said...

Wow! Likes being choked during sex? Thats pretty intense! lol Hopefully she still succeeds with her career because I always thought she did a good. Can she still be on the RXMXS?

Jarid's Rant said...

I bet Izer and Kevin Kelly wrote those emails.