Monday, December 3

Langston the actor!

I remember it well. Binghamton, NY round of the 2006 AMA/Toyota MX Championships. Saturday night. Supercross: The Movie had just premiered, so the industry flocked to the movie theater in town. This was the rest of our lives. Once this movie hit, the sport would explode and we'd all be rich without even having to knock up Oprah.

We all left chocking, spitting and maybe even throwing up a little bit of butter "flavored" popcorn topping in our mouth. The movie wasn't just bad, it was forgetable. Winner's Take All wasn't good, but it was bad in a cool way that makes me want to watch it and quote it over and over. Supercross The Movie wasn't even good at being bad!

That should have killed all future plans for motocross movies, seeing as how poorly Supercross: The Movie did at the box office. But somehow word of a new movie is circulating. At least it has a title, instead of Supercross: The Movie (gee, where did they come up with that one?) I heard this was to be called Metal Birding (don't even think about making sense of it just go with it) but now apparently it's called Freestyle. I just saw this news clip today.

Now the movie will have the long-lost actress Penelope Ann Miller, who played the mom in Kindergarten Cop. To me, she is most known for being one of Dave Letterman's all-time sweethearts. He always had a thing for the skinny blonde three-named actresses, which peaked when Sarah Jessica Parker came of age. Since then, I've never heard a word about P A M. Now she's back to save our sport!

Also note the young, hot actor tabbed for a role in this new movie: Grant Langston!


Daniel said...

I enjoyed Supercross: The Movie. Well sort of. It was fun to watch dirt bikes on the big screen, but that's about all I enjoyed too. The plot was a little overdone. Guy finds girl, girl leaves guy, guy vows to win Championship and retake girl. Is that right? Now see I've even forgotten what happened. Maybe I didn't like it after all. I can remember such vivid details of almost all movies I watch. Yet I'm blank on this one now. Ha! Disregard my "enjoyed it" comment. I guess I didn't actually like it. Thanks for helping me clear that up in my mind. Hopefully this next movie will be better. Although it would be really hard to beat the last sequence in Winners Take All. Who wouldn't enjoy a massive free for all on open terrain with clubs and chains and whatnot. Very much like the game Road Rash back in the day.

Anonymous said...

You should go to the "Rottentomatoes" website to see the reviews of "SX; The Movie". But it does mention, while only doing $3 million box office, it's done $10 million in rentals! So it may have a growing cult following!


Jason Weigandt said...

Daniel, would you hit yourself in the hand with a hammer just because it would feel good when you stopped? That, my friend, is "enjoying" Supercross: The Movie. If they wanted to make something cool they could have just made a movie about Carmichael and Stewart battling and it would have been a WAY better story, much more realistic and even FREE.

Dad, you may be onto something with that rental bit. Probably a bunch of 8 year olds holding slumber parties renting the movie. Wait. Winner's Take All came out in 1986...

Brett Cue said...

You think that movie is bad? You should go rent "Motocross Zombies From Hell". I came across it at our movie store last week and couldn't make myself keep walking. It's a brand new movie. It has to be the dumbest movie I have ever seen, moto or not. I was embarassed that they involved us in this one.