Tuesday, August 12

An Olympic Moment

First of all....I'm back baby!

Second, I had a weekend off and I was supposed to be all "I don't want to look at a motorcycle, I'm burned out" etc. Yes, a week at Loretta's takes years off of your life, but I'll take those years off at the end, not now.

Anyway, I tried to stay away and do stuff around the house, tried to start planning out that wedding thing (we have like a full month to go, that's plenty of time to get this ready, right?) but in the end it all came back to motocross. I kept thinking about the nationals The Olympics began on Friday night, and we've been watching them solid since. And what did I see???

Swimmer Michael Phelps is going to...oh wait, just made, Olympic history by logging more gold medals than anyone else in the history of the games. Amazing. It really hit me during his record-breaking swims tonight. First, the announcers knew he was going to win. They also knew how he was going to win. "It will look like the other swimmers can challenge him at first, but in the last turn he will make them look like boys, and they're not boys, they are the best swimmers in the world."

And then, that's exactly what happens. No crazy upsets. A few stay with him, then eventually he makes the turn, leaves the pack behind and wins again.

Even in the "wide open" events, ones without a Phelps in it, the TV people already know who the contenders are, and lo and behold those contenders become the only actual contenders for the win once the race begins.

Does this sound familiar? Is this not James Stewart? Before the race begins you know who is going to win. You know who is better than everyone else, and then it happens exactly like it's expected to.

In this year of dominance, I've been working hard to try to make sense of why motocross can become so lop sided. Everyone comes up with theories. We need easier tracks. We need harder tracks. It's the four-strokes. It's the works bikes. It's lazy kids who don't train or try. It's...whatever. Honestly, what it really is is, is that it is what it is. It's a sport. Yeah there are motors, and hence we have a Motocross des Nations instead of Olympic competition. But when you watch it every weekend and then watch this on your weekend off, it's not different at all.


yamalink said...

We'll be talking about the "boring" outdoor nats when the super exciting indoor seasons kicks off. Stewart will not be expected to win, and we'll tune in more, read more, buy more, talk about it more.

Stewart can actually "save" supercross (not that it needs to be saved) by not winning each weekend, and Reed will be just as upset, as always, that he's not a fan favorite even though he's winning more. There won't be any asterisk speak this January, guaranteed.

maybe 28 if he shows up during the break and gets a few breaks.

Again, my fave #14 will be shut out atop the box. Warm up the gravy train cuz KDub is about to leave the building.

Anonymous said...

I must say I really am lookin forward to the SX in the upcoming season.Reedy and Bubba on different brands and RV in the mix too.I will be gettin a chance to watch #22 in action here in Oz and hopefully he will be in top form by the time A1 kicks off.Either way as long as there is close racing Moto will be the winner.


No Joke said...

Super exciting indoor season? Riiiight. Fat boy Reed (have you seen the guy lately, he seriously put on at least 20lbs) will get waxed by Stewart. RV won't be in the mix, he'll be crashing his brains out. Let's not kid ourselves. It's obvious that the Stewart + Aldon Baker combo has taken Stewie to an all new Goat-like level.