Monday, August 25


WHY WHY WHY does a guy like "Calimero" Marc de Reuver say things like “Hopefully I can make the podium in Southwick. Or is that aiming too high, I’m not really sure? At least I get the impression that apart from ‘Superman’ James Stewart I can beat any American in the sand."

Okay, the odds of doing that are ridiculous. First, de Reuver did poorly the last time he was here. Second, if you're basing your expectations on watching the race on tape or looking at photos, you're way off again because Southwick doesn't ride like it looks. Is it a sand track? Yes. Is it like the sand that de Reuver races on in Holland? No. Plus, there are a million different elements that video tape can't explain, like getting jet lag (which got the best of him when he tried this race in 2001) or dealing with heat and humidity (which got him this time).

It wasn't nearly as hot and humid as it was expected to be at Southwick in August, and yet the heat and the pace and the intensity got to de Reuver. For four laps in the first moto, the guy was insane fast, and he well and truly blew the doors off of Tim Ferry coming through the pack. But in the second moto, he wasn't the same. Once Matt Georke started pulling him, you knew he was in trouble. I mean, when you say you can beat any American in the sand besides James Stewart, and you're in seventh and freaking Matt "Beef" Georke is pulling away from you, you're going to look bad. Then de Reuver crashed and that was it. Now, the man was super crazy fast for a few laps. He obviously can ride. Plus he was really cool and fun and funny. But, that doesn't take away from what he said. Just say things like "I'm not sure what's going to happen, it's totally different so I don't know." Otherwise you create a battle that doesn't need to happen, and then you lose.

Instead de Reuver created a battle that didn't need to happen, and he lost.


Psychcle said...

So Weege... in regards to "Calimero" ... Ok... so the guy got handed a sack lunch in the second moto on his training regimen... but if I had to prep to line up against "Bubbles" I probably would throw down some smack just to settle my nerves also... but bagging on the Euro's is just going to get them even more fired up for the D Nats... hum this all could get interesting... but please never give up your mic again... let "Bubbles" ride and you keep interviewing... IMO :-)

YamaLink said...

I was forced to do the big weekend plans of Home Depot and Bed, Bath & Beyond with the GF (tribute to Old School movie..yeah, it's gonna be good times) so instead of listening to the race I was looking at moto results on the Crackberry. Calimero rocked the first and shocked me, but when he bonked in M2 I was somewhat disappointed.

Kind of like Rosie O'Donnell saying she can outwalk any supermodel except (insert name of your favorite SM), but after a good entrance onto the catwalk she falls on her face straight into the lap of a woman. Wait, that's probably her plan. I digress.

One more race and Bubbles is the GOATMRC (greatest of all time minus RC).

Gerben said...

You're right that he said these things, absolutely. On the other hand, he immediately admidded that he didn't had the speed and energy to do what he said and explained why.
There will always be the endless discussion about the GP's VS the AMA Nationals, because that's where it's all about, ain't it? ;)

Anonymous said...

i think you're being too hard on him. this post reminds me of listening to rush limbaugh when a liberal slips up. get over it. it's pretty obvious from watching the preshow that the dutchman isn't some egomaniacal d-bag. i think he realizes that the track had the last laugh on sunday.

YamaLink said...

Even Erin Bates and Emig said he meant no disrespect; things get taken out of context so easily.

Ever notice how Ralph shouts "Jeff Alessi is up to..." like it's totally unexpected. 801 is quietly running Top 10 overall!

Anonymous said...

Weege, I agree with Anonymus and Yamalink: you are being too hard on Calimero.
- First and foremost, remember that English is not Marc's first language (and neither is mine). Despite a thorough knowledge of grammar and a diverse vocabulary, it often happens that the nuances characteristics of your native language don't translate (or get plain lost) when you translate your words/ thoughts into another language.
- Secondly, yesterday's race was a typical "De Reuver day" (see excellent in one moto, MIA (for whatever reason) in the other. Marc ended 10th OA, right like his current standing in the GP.
- Last but not least, on a general note I think we Euros don't get take ourselves as seriously as most Americans do, so we don't expect people to get that fired up about a bench racing comment. As evidence of that, look at the Nationality of those who pointlessly scream the loudest on the message boards when the US Vs EU topic is brought up: with one exception (you know who I am talking about), they are all Americans.

yamalink said...

#154 just gave a great interview on RacerX...and of course he opened up the Everts vs Stewart firestorm (again, probably without even trying to start one).

Anonymous said...

Not sure I agree with you on this and in fact, I think you may even disagree with yourself. It seems not that long ago you were pumped when Villopoto layed out some smack talk on Lawrence and Canard during the webcast. Now Calimero puts just a little bit out there and you come down on the boy. With Stewart killin it - Marc was one of the few big stories coming into the weekend. I say praise the guy - he layed it down against some of the best the AMA has to offer for at least a moto. Sure, races go 2 30min+ but I bet you $100 Ferry and the rest of the guys in 4th back had some new found respect. I think he backed up enough of his talk .......

That being said, I am SUPER pumped an American smoked his ass -go USA !!!


Jason Weigandt said...

Good points, men. I can tell you that Marc's words were not taken lightly within the pits, riders not named Stewart who are usually up in the top five weren't pumped on his words. However, he's such a friendly and fun guy that things cooled a bit once he showed up. I don't think anyone could harbor ill will against him once they met him.

Anyway, I love trash talk because it creates a buzz, and we had it going this weekend. However, trash talk is fun for those reading it, but it's not always so good for the rider who says it. It can come back to bite you, and I think it did for Marc. If he had said "I don't know where I will finish" the weekend would have been considered a huge success. He was fast, he was fun, people were impressed. But, once he said podium, and didn't get there, it makes it seem like his trip fell short.

But holy crap was he fast when he was on it in the first moto.

Anonymous said...

ooooo. "beef's" not gonna be happy with you.

who was that quiet achiever in the 2nd moto? gotta be the privateer year from hell. 2nd place - who gets finishes that high as a privateer? - no one.

smack talk with a cheeky smile is all good in my book.

Anonymous said...

DeReuver said "I think I can beat any American in the sand except Stewart."

2nd in practice. Charge through the field to 3rd in the first moto.

Obviously he had some big problems in the second moto, but speed-wise, I'd say his claims are right on target.

Also, how is it "smack-talk" to say that you think you're gonna be up there?

Seattle89 said...

1st - STP isn't a northwest band, so that line doesn't work.

I thought it was great that de Reuver came over, and he came pretty close to backing up his talk. I'd have liked to have seen him gut it out the second moto though.

Bubbles interviewing wasn't bad, but I kept waiting for him to let the unguarded kid from the early terrafirma's come out (you know, the ones where RC wanted to go to DQ). If it takes a euro talking smack to get the rest of our fields to race for more then 2nd, that's great, bring on more of it.