Monday, February 18

30 Second Man

It's not easy teaching a Monster girl how to use a 30 second board. I snapped this picture of Live Nation's Cliff Nobles demonstrating the proper technique.

There ya' go!


Anonymous said...

that is awesome, how many times did she "practice" raising the board for old cliff?

- T Square

Anonymous said...

Did he teach her the butt wiggle too??

Jason Weigandt said...

Good stuff, guys.

Daniel said...

'Nuff said. The pictures and commentary already given tell the whole story. No further comments from me really need to be added.

Thanks Weege for being on the cutting edge of SX news. This is the kind of "core" information we fans demand.

You know, Cliff looked pretty good holding that up. Do you think he practices the practice so he looks confident in demonstrating the technique?

Mom! Toilets blogged! said...

Actually, I invented the butt wiggle. My under wear was all junked up in my business and I was trying to free them by doing the butt wiggle, guess the SX people saw this and well, the rest is history.