Wednesday, February 27

The Chaaaaaaamp

Years ago I saw a photo of Nicky Hayden on the podium of an AMA Superbike race. His smile was ridiculous. His smile, it's Cameron Diaz level wide. I mean, not even a James Stewart/Doug Henry/Andrew Short triple team effort could match the Hayden smile. I've made fun of that for years. At the Honda Red Bull Racing Supercross intro party this year, Tricky Daddy Hayden was there, so I finally got the chance to see if my smiling skills can measure up.

He....was probably a little freaked out.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You met the kid from "Ed" and the Mac/PC commercials!


Reese said...

yeah, I'm still frightened... it's a good thing my children are asleep!!!

Anonymous said...

nice photoshop work, made me laugh

Jason Weigandt said...

Yes, because it would have been worth the time and effort in photoshop to make that picture. That's almost as big a waste as you posting here!