Saturday, February 16

Houston, We Have No Problems

It's all good here in Cowboy country, practice is complete and everyone made it through in good shape. The track looks prime, too, with awesome dirt and a cool layout designed by Kevin Windham. The riders jump over the start straight (although riders aren't going under the start while others are leaping over them). And how bout this for an unfair advantage: Windham beat out Reed for the fastest lap time. I'm telling you, Reed is winning the races but this gang is really keeping the heat on him. And honestly, K-Dub told us today that the track doesn't have any of the obstacles that his practice track does at home, so it's not like he's literally riding on "his" track. He just "is" on it today.

Of course 20 laps is a totally different story and Reed is no doubt still the man in this series.

I'm looking for a breakout ride tonight from Andrew Short, who was right there in the hunt last weekend and just needed to turn it up at the right time. This, sadly, has been Andrew's trouble for a long time, and if he ever gets aggressive when the time calls for it, he can start turning this close finishes into wins. Maybe tonight? Well that's a bit of a stretch but I think Shorty's first podium is on the way.

Don't forget Tim Ferry though. I see a little more aggression and body English from Red Dog this year, which is exactly what he said he would work on during the winter. If he can get another one of his (recently) good starts and nail all the jump sections immediately, hmmm...

Davi Millsaps didn't have a chance to get on the leader board because he had a flat rear tire in the second practice, so he missed a lot of laps.

Finally, Josh Hill was the only rider consistently going double-triple-double through the rhythm lane that connects to the start. Unfortunately, even though it looked better, I don't think it was any faster.

The Lites class is getting good. Not only did Ryan Dungey and Jason Lawrence go back and forth for fastest time in practice, but Lawrence made sure to stop by a few times while Dungey was cruising through the mechanic's area or taking a slow lap. Lawrence is working hard at getting in Dungey's head--this is such great theater between the two most opposite characters in the sport. Good versus Evil! Tonight from Houston.

By the way Dungey had the fastest time in the first session and Lawrence just snuck in to grab the fastest lap in session 2. It's really close between the two. And man, Lawrence is really hanging it out out there. He looks very comfortable riding the edge.

That's my take from Houston, I just wanted to make sure everyone knew I was alive and well. Yesterday, Toyota was cool enough to hold a ride day at Three Palms Xtreme MX Park about an hour from here. Bad Billy Ursic and I got to put in three long motos, and today I have so much acid built up in my legs that I can't even walk up and down stairs. It's unreal how sore I am. But I'm not injured, which is way better than the last time I went riding.

Hey Todd Jendro, one of the big supercross head honchos, is one heck of a rider. But I don't think he could have held up against Ursic, who is one of those guys that is just fast no matter when, where or what, and without even trying.

Three Palms is a sweet facility and I thank Toyota for having us. Now go out and buy a bunch of their trucks so they can open the track up for free again next year.


Anonymous said...

I find it alarming that you believe a "good vs evil" battle is a good thing for this sport. Personally I believe Lawrence a punk and a thug and had to tell my kids that what he was doing was wrong and showed poor spptsmanship

Anonymous said...

Hey Weege,

Just finished watching the ABC coverage of Houston and have got a few comments.

Is David Bailey healthy enough to announce ?

I like Emig about as much as I like Rusty Wallace on Nascar. Not at all.

With all the quad advertising you'd think they'd be racing quads. Weak. Just what are they trying to sell with SX ?

Great to see Windham win again, too bad they didn't show him riding much.

The real question is what happened to Hansen and did you get a picture of the pair ?

Where is the Las vegas final being held? Las Vegas Motor Speedway ? All that advertising for Vegas should certainly fill up Sam Boyd Stadium.

And , last, how bad were the canopies damaged damaged of the teams that didn't listen to the weather warnings ?

Sorry for the negative tilt of this submission but watching that was a waste of time.

Best Regards

M. Brown

Jason Weigandt said...

I like drama, I like characters, I like having things to talk about and discuss and I really think it makes the sport better to have those things. J-Law definitely gives fans something to talk about. If they're talking about motocross and supercross, I think it's good.

Even worse, there are probably some kids who will come to like the sport because of Lawrence.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Weege,

You have provided yet another example why you should be doing the television broadcast. You mention here that Hill was going double-triple-double but "I don't think it was any faster." I noticed the same thing in the heat race between Reed and Millsaps. Even though Reed was doing it and Millsaps wasn't, he didn't seem to be gaining any time in that section, no matter what Emig said. Your analysis, as usual, is spot on.

Jason Weigandt said...

M Brown,

Yes, I think Bailey could still announce now but what's done is done, and Emig is the guy for the future. He does seem to do much better during the outdoor shows when they're not making the call live. But I still like Fro.

Getting the SX on network TV isn't cheap, and I think all the manufacturers try to pitch in as much dough as possible to get it on the air. So they'll tap into the ATV ad budget if needed!

No picture of the Hansen pair. The pits were a damned mess--although if it flooded we know they had flotation devices ready (thanks Englishman).

With Reed likely winning the title early, they need all the advertising for Vegas that they can get!