Wednesday, February 13

Shakes on a plane

On my flight out of San Diego on Sunday, a woman seated behind me asked "Hey, did you go to that BMX race or whatever?" I said yes. She followed with "Oh my, on our way out here, we met a racer. His name was Gary Hansen, I think?"

Me: "Oh you mean Josh."

Woman: "Yes! Josh. He was so nice. What a nice guy, and his girlfriend, or fiance, she was so sweet."

Me: "That's good to hear. Some people say Josh is kind of full of himself and acts too cool."

Woman "Oh no, he talked to us for a long time."
Woman 2 "Yeah and they had this cute little dog with them named Iggy. They're such a nice couple, they talked to us for a long time."
Woman "Yeah they even had a camera crew with them! Some kind of documentary. Maybe we will get on it!"
Woman 2 "Does he make a lot of money?"

Me "Yeah, you would be surprised how much money some of these guys make for riding dirt bikes."

Woman "Oh because his fiancee, she had this gorgeous ring on. I mean, what an amazing rock. It was HUGE. She had tatoos too. So did he. But they looked nice and they were all very sweet."

Me "Well that's good to hear. People sometimes think motocross riders are all insane daredevils, but most of them were raised with good parents and they're good family people. You kind of have to be to get started in the sport since it's so expensive."

Woman "Well yeah it would be very expensive. He must have a lot of money because....

(here it comes)

"....the girl he was with. Oh my. She had just the most amazing, you know, just, I don't know if they were fake, but they must have been. I mean, I've had some hot friends, but nothing like that. They were. They were amazing!"

Me: "Oh..Really?"

Woman 2 "Oh they were just so perfect. Just perfect. I mean, she must have spent a lot of money for those."

At this point several rows of people were listening--something about the conversation had just become very interesting to everyone else.

Me "Well, you know, he does have some money."

Woman "Yeah well what a great thing to spend it on! I've never seen a pair like that before!"


Anonymous said...

Hey Weege, you can do it ! Some in depth reporting,
you know, background and personall interest stuff.

How about a picture of that amazing pair .

But no pod cast. Pictures please. Don't let Mathes scoop you on this, eh ?

Andrew said...


Rad Racer said...

Man, you should quit announcing and do PR for these hicks full-time, JW.

Clash said...

You finally have a story to send to Penthouse Forums!

Daniel said...

What a sensational conversation! A discussion like that would certainly catch the attention of everyone around. Very funny. Also, it is good to know that Josh is being well received by the public.

Jason Weigandt said...

Looks like we have some requests for pics of The Pair. I've got my digital camera armed and ready and I'll be on the lookout on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Not "fakes on a plane"?


Englishman in S.D said...

I guess she (Hansens girlfriend) didn't have to watch the life vest part of the safety display . Come to think of it neither did he,I can hear the air hostess now.
" The life vest will inflate in the water and there is a whistle to attract attention - except you to polite yet tattooed youngsters, son just hang on your girls bresticles those things will float forever and you wont have to worry about blowing no damn whistle to attract attention either".
So whos more bummed out now,Hansen 'cos he knows every dude is gonna be copping a glance at his chicks rack whenever possible or Doughnut Davi 'cos he knows EVERYONE has seen his chick with her clothes off ...pretty much ??

T-Square said...

I love the "fakes on a plane" great humor

Anonymous said...

Well at least Lil Hanny had something to look forward to when he got home because he totally mailed it in at the race!

Jason Weigandt said...

Yeah, you would think I would have thought of that one, eh?

It's raining right now in Houston. They were saying we could even have tornado level winds. Maybe we'll have a flood and we'll have to grab on!

Anonymous said...

That's OK, Bud, I'm hep and mod enough to get the "shakes" reference, too......