Monday, June 16

High Point 2

How did they salvage the track from all the rain? The RP crew pushed A LOT of mud off to the side of the track. Our photographer, Matt Ware, found himself a big 'ole pile of it.


Anonymous said...

haha, very nice, very nice.

Hey Jason, just wanted to let you know how to pronounce a riders name in the 450 class that you've been mispronouncing. Tony Boughten (josh hill's RV driver, BTW). You've been saying bought-en, when it should be pronounced "bout-en", like the last part of "about" and then "en".

Aside from that, keep being the best announcer in the world. thx!

peelout719 said...


like watching a fat dude pick at the dessert aisle at ChuckORama

dotcom3 said...

thats good stuff, haha!

LP said...

doing what it takes to get the shot haha

Nice blog site Jason. It's cool to see the motocross world from a true insider.

LP Multimedia Blog

Jason Weigandt said...

Bout-en. Got it. He's really Hill's bus driver? And he races? Damn.