Saturday, June 14

It's Raining at High Point

Well, it just can't happen any other way. It has to rain when we have a race at High Point. It's been hot and sunny all week here. The rainy season ended on June 1. The race is no longer on Memorial Day Weekend (when, by luck, they had good weather here this year) but it's just like it used to be.

Weather will be better tomorrow. I don't have anything to write about because they canceled 450 practice, and the Lites rode in the mud which really isn't relevant.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

were J law and Hill drunk again..... idiots!!

Borat said...

i like sex

yamalink said...

Listening to broadcast right now, and it's official: Bailey is indeed one of the best commentators. Bonus points for not reliving his glory years lap after lap. Dare I say he's actually modest and humble.

How about Bailey and Langston in the booth when the regulars can't make it?!?