Saturday, June 28

I Believe In a Thing Called Laaaahve (The Darkness)

Man there a lot going on in this sport right now. While we're all talking about the lighting in Colorado, we're missing
A) the altitude is still here
B) Dungey and Lawrence hate each other (J-Law dropped some HUGE trash talk on Dungey today--listen to the whole interview during our audio webcast pre-race show at 5 p.m. mountain time. But I just have to give a hint. Ready? "Dungey calls me an embarassment to the sport, but he blew a supercross championship, and that's an embarassment." )
C) Mike Brown is back with Troy Racing for the FOURTH time.
D) Sean Hamblin did indeed just becomes "This Year's Sean Hamblin" by going from privateer to factory Yamaha. To me, I just ask why they didn't just do this deal back at Glen Helen?
E) Now Josh Grant and Ryan Villopoto are back to hating each other, which I believe is the 37th friendship turn between those two. One week they're hugging, next week they're fighting. This weekend they they're fighting. This is like Van Halen and David Lee Roth getting together and breaking up. Or a soap opera. Or Randy "Macho Man" Savage and Hulk Hogan.
F) James Stewart decides not to ride Friday practice on the same week we run lights for the first time ever??? He was here all day and yet he didn't ride. Is there something wrong here???
G) Mototalk still has a giant TFS thread going right now.
H) We secured some swag to give away on our audio webcast tomorrow, so tune us in. We'll give some stuff away during the first motos, and then debut a first: a live call in number for fans during the halftime show. This is really going to be cool. We'll announce the number at the end of 450 moto 1, and then you can call us in the tower and bench race with guys who love to sit down and talk about racing. Hear you then.

Okay, the lights. It sure didn't look like they had enough lights when we looked around this morning. But these big MUSCO things are apparently potent...and apparently not potent enough, because some team people weren't thrilled, so a whopping 15 extra light plants were brought in tonight to make sure it all works. Sometimes, I wonder if riders/teams feel the need to complain just so their voice get heard, but this time, man, it just didn't look good in spots. The additional light plants will take care of the light problem, but even that's not perfect because a bunch of light plants on the side of the track isn't the most aesthetic set up, and remember, we have live TV here. But I really hope this can all be made to work. If the lighting can be made to work for the racers, everything else will be awesome. The atmosphere of a night race in the summer is really amazing. This is like a concert or a festival. It looks cool, relaxed and fun. It's a step in the right direction, and I'm sure they can get the details sorted.

There's a lot to talk about here, so talk amongst yourselves.


Psychcle said...

Weege... is it true that the shadows on the WBOY taping are now at the Thunder Valley Track... is this a shadow conspiracy in Motocross... please ask them to remove the darkness so my riders will stay safe... that's more important than selling more seats! Thank You, you're the best! Psychcle Images Speak Volumes! LFM

Borat said...

do you want to be my boyfriend?

Anonymous said...

If anyone grew up in the southwest they know what racing at night is all about, im just not really sure what the big deal is, throw a yellow lense in the goggles and you can actually see as good if not better than during the day! they are pros, if i could figure it out im sure they can too!

peelout719 said...

putting around in second gear on an arenacross track and racing an AMA Pro National track are two totally different things. try not to compare yourself to the pro's that were out there.

peelout. out.

Anonymous said...

To Peelout.....

I am not sure how I was comparing myself to a National pro in that statement. Anyone with an elementary grasp on English comprehension could have understood that. Nor did I even mention Arenacross so im not sure where that statement came from. And the fact you state they are "putting around in second gear" shows your complete ignorance of this great sport. The fact that on the live broadcast on SPEED Erin Bates even showed the yellow lenses that the guys were using proved my point exactly.

The great thing about Motocross and what seperates it from any other motorsport is that the National Pros started in the same place that us local guys did, at a local track or in the desert riding around in second gear. Anyone that has actually raced 1 moto knows this. I may have only made it to the "local Pro" Level but I stand behind my first opinion posted and the ones in this Unnecessarily long post.