Thursday, June 26

It is was it is really is now

"It is what it is" has become the key phrase in the motocross pits nowadays. Davey Coombs, ever the trendsetter, started running it a few years ago. Then Tony Soprano started running it on his show (credit Kevin Kelly for that reference.)

By 2008 it has become the most popular go to phrase in the sport-- even surpassing the once unstoppable prowess of "over it" for the number one spot.

During the pre-race press conference for the Las Vegas Supercross, Chad Reed ran "It Is What It Is" approximately 379 times--a true championship performance. But you can't blame Chad, the phrase works so well that you just can't help from using it.

"What's your take on what happened with Andrew Short?"
"It is what it is."

"How is the shoulder?"
"It is what it is."

"What's your team deal for next year?"
"It is what it is."

Davi Millsaps had even seen everyone's "It is what it is" and raised it, running a solid "It was what it was" when talking about Anaheim 1.

But now we've officially reached critical mass. On page 18 in yesterdays' New York Times, presidential hopeful Barack Obama brought the phrase to the level of the highest office. Ralph Nader had been stoking the flames with Obama recently, and Obama fired back with "He is just trying to get attention. His campaign has not been able to get traction. It is what it is."


yamalink said...

All my ex girlfriends used that phrase during the breakup....right before they hopped in their car and called their friends with the good news.

yamalink said...

ps: How about a post on Sean Hamblin's good fortune? With Gavin out, we need to refocus the "He's the Gavin Gracyk (did I spell that correctly?)" this year on #105!! Now that is a true "it is what it is."

While I have a moment, I predict the darkness will be a mud-like equalizer in Colorado.


Now that is what it will be.

Pilk said...

Can we get D.C. to tell TFS "IT IS WHAT IT IS!"

Jason Weigandt said...

Surely TFS has a different opinion on what is actually is.

Anonymous said...

For TFS, it is what it isn't.....


peelout719 said...

isn't Pravda what it is? dammit, now i'm confused on what IT means...