Thursday, June 12

More Texas

Since runs the streaming for our webcast, I have no idea how many people listen to our show every Sunday afternoon. For those that do, we salute you. I mean, if I had a nice Sunday afternoon to spend, I don't know if I would do it in front of my computer....

Anyway, we've been introducing a lot of fun stuff on the show lately, because 5 hours on the air is a long time. This week, we introduced a top 10 list, and I'll print that out on the left side of the blog in a few minutes. We also introduced a new segment called "Assume the Position," in which we select a random finish position in each moto and call the battle for it. This lets us highlight other riders that may not be winning the races. It's also pretty exciting, because you would be amazed how hard guys are fighting for, say, 18th place.

Here were the Assume the Position winners for Texas:

Lites Moto 1: 18th, Matt Lemoine. Lemoine fought all moto for this one, passing Tyler Bowers on the last lap to snag 18th.

Lites Moto 2: 16th, Adam Miller. Props to the privateer KTM rider, who crashed earlier in the day in those vicious Texas sand whoops. 16th actually made him the top KTM finisher, too, since the entire MDK KTM team took a powder in moto 2.

450 Moto 1: 22nd, Kyle Partridge scored it after a race-long duel with riders like Gavin Gracyk and Ryan Clark. Gracyk and Clark beat Partridge, but that doesn't get them any love in the battle for the Assumed Position.

450 Moto 2: After 16 riders failed to finish the second Lites moto in the heat, we decided to go with Red Bull Last Man Standing rules for this race. The last place rider still circulating the track at the end of the race? Dustin Gills in 30th place.

This "Assume the Position" program was such a hit that sponsors began calling in and signing on live during the show. But we at the Racer X Webcast don't want to split the industry's money up any further, so we decided to snag some outside sponsors. Kentucky Fried Chicken ponied up for the first 450 moto, so Mr. Partridge gets himself 22 pieces of chicken for his 22nd place finish (co-host Kevin Kelly and I snagged the biscuits that came with, sorry). We'll ship the chicken to Kyle overnight so it should still be pretty fresh.

Our second 450 moto was sponsored by David Oric and his 8 lb Oric XL vacuum cleaner. Congrats, Mr. Gills.

This week maybe we'll pull in some Lites sponsorship as well. And as an added bonus for our listeners this weekend, we're bringing David Bailey back. The Icon is the man and I'm pumped to work with him again. This show will be worth listening too.

Finally, props out to Steve "Do'h!" Flanders and everyone over at the fantasy league. The new Industry Guys class had given me new motivation to perform, as I'm sick and tired of getting my ass kicked by the DMXS fans like I usually do. Big thanks to my big hitters on the team this week, including Bobby Kniry, Tommy Hahn, JT$, and Ryan Clark. These underdogs scored well over pay for the weekend, and now I'm tied for first in the division.

When guys like Stewart and Villopoto are killing everyone in the battle for first, you need to find other things to focus on. Assume the Position and some fantasy moto keep it going.


Anonymous said...

There is a counter that says 88,000 plus views for Texas race. But that could be accumulative of pre-show, post-show, and actual race. And could also count people leaving and coming back. Like, if one guy logged off and came back 88,000 times, maybe you only had one listener.
Chatroom would indicate differently, but the interest there seems to be along the lines of "are there any chicks in the chatroom?". It accepts 80 "chatters", and apparently no chicks.


Paul said...

I'd like you guys to keep in mind that what you're doing is actually "radio", in that you're describing an event so that your listeners can "see" it in their minds. You do so much TV I think that sometimes y'all forget to describe the action. Case in point, RV made a spectacular pass in moto 2, so spectacular that everyone in the webcast "booth" went "oooh"... but no one actually gave a detailed description of the pass. The best we got was when you said "you have to wait a week to check it out on SPEED..." As a listener, that's a pretty frustrating thing to hear... just describe what the man did!

You guys work hard at this, Jason, everyone paying attention knows this. But maybe every once in a while you could benefit from taking a break from it, getting refreshed, and listening to someone else do the webcast. Kevin Kelly was GREAT on the pre and post shows... maybe he and David Izer could sit in for you one week or two.

Maybe after announcing so many events week after week you guys have gotten too close to the subject? Maybe the fact that you're getting bored and making up stuff may be cause for concern?

Remember, the people choosing to spend a Sunday afternoon listening to their computers (and multi-tasking, no doubt) don't have the same immersion in the sport that you have... we're just happy to be able to follow the sport as it happens, rather than wait a week for a heavily-edited cablecast. And we're counting on you to accurately and entertainingly convey what's happening on the track. But if you're burning out on it, you should do something about it sooner rather than later, no disrespect.

FTRDUKE said...

Weege, I thought your broadcast was one of your best. We could "feel the love" you guys have for the sport and for each other. I disagree with the previous postee and thought that Kevin Kelly was too into himself as evidenced by the too many times he talked over you and used those worn out trite expressions. he was trying too hard. Daveys' trash pick up was priceless. I find myself at the races doing the same thing. It must be a habit from working all the FTR events. Keep up the good work.( is postee a word?)Ask Jeff K. and let me know. Seeyou at Hi-Point, Duke

Jason Weigandt said...

No burn out here. Not even close.

But I agree on your point, Paul, sometimes we do say stuff as if people are seeing it, even when they don't. On that RV pass, I did realize we did that and later, I even said that RV went to the inside of Dungey in a left hand turn where no one else had made a pass.

But often we do just say "Wow!" instead of saying what we saw.

Good point.

MIKE D said...



Go listen to a baseball game, and quit your bitching geek.

Paul said...

oh, okay Mike D. i'll certainly take your advice.

Anonymous said...

Hey Weege,Im tunin in from the land down under.Its Monday morning here when your broadcasting so Im not spending my Sunday afternoons listening to Moto>I'm riding :)
Always tune in to the Preshow and Post show too.Love your work dude! Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I love the show and listen from "southern"Illinois. I really enjoy when you guy's let us know what is going on besides just the racing, track work, trash pick-up, Someone pucking. It makes me feel like I'm at the race. I actually felt Hot last weekend, like I was sitting in the crowd. Keep up the good work.

HSCGIED now called FIANCE said...

Yes, Paul might have a point here!!! Take a week or two off and kick back. . . you know, regroup. It's a great idea. You could do things like clean up the garage! You could help assemble wedding invitations, locate and read(!!) important mail that your fiance has set aside to reduce clutter, and SO much more...