Wednesday, May 7

Get Well Soon

Just some words of support for my friend Timmy Coombs, who is one of the wildest and funniest people I have ever met. Timmy, the 1988 Blackwater 100 Champion, crashed at Steel City on Sunday and ended up getting jacked up pretty bad. From what I heard, he jumped into some breaking bumps and ended up going down. He broke his neck, but luckily he still has all feeling. Today the word came down that he has an exploded vertebra, so that will require some fusion surgery. Should be tough, but Timmy's one of the toughest dudes on earth. I'm sure he will find some way to make us laugh about this once he is out of the hospital.

Unfortunately this probably puts an end to Timmy's riding days. This year he and his wife Jessica were planning on racing Loretta's together, and they both made it through their area qualifiers so far.

So get well soon Mr. Bar to Bar!


cpsmith58 said...

That sounds downright nasty, a real bummer. Not to make light of his condition, but if he walks when this is all done, he's a lucky man. To break your back AND neck and not be paralyzed? Someone upstairs is looking out for him. Best of luck to him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jason - any report on whether or not Tim was wearing a neck brace when he crashed? Super-happy to hear it's not more serious.

Jason Weigandt said...

CP ,
Very lucky guy. Timmy had surgery yesterday and all was successful, but he had to have a bone graft from his hip to rebuild the vertebra. Docs said he was a few centimeters away from real trouble. Wow.

Other guy,
Not 100 percent sure but I don't think Timmy had a neck brace on.

TC said...

Hey guys - thanks for all the concern about my health-only two whole comments in two days.. a mear fraction of the # of comments that poured in when pictures of the Service Honda 500 that I was riding when I got hurt hit the chat rooms.

Jason Weigandt said...

That bike is sweet.

Is this really you?