Monday, May 19

The Point

I have to give credit to my boss today. The AMA/Toyota Motocross Championship kicks off this weekend, which means we're ramping up the Racer X Motocross Show on again. The band is back together, and we plan on running bigger hair, destroying more hotel rooms, shutting down more bars and pulling in more ladies than ever! That's the rockstar life!

So ace video mastermind Wes Williams made the trip up to Morgantown from his Atlanta home base. Wes is the reason the Motocross Show looks so good. He's the same kid who puts together MX SportsCenter every year on and he's an amazing talent. Anyway, he's here so we can shoot pre-season preview shows which you will see this week. DC told us to meet him at High Point this morning at 9 a.m. to shoot the stuff.

We got there at 8:45 and lo and behold DC and Tim Cotter were already out there, working through the infield and spreading hay to get some grass to grow in a new spot. By the amount of hay on the ground, I could tell they had been at it for a while. A few minutes after we arrived, a bunch of track workers came down the hill and DC gave them marching orders, deciding who would cut grass, who would pound stakes, who would paint, who would run the weed wacker. Then DC shot the show with us for a bit and went right back down to the infield to continue his work. I also noticed Cotter himself out there running the mower (which he attached to one of our Can-Am quads from the GNCCs) covering a whole field himself.

Timmy Coombs is down at the moment and we have an ATV National this weekend at High Point on the old Memorial Weekend date. It says a lot that DC and Cotter themselves not only are taking the mantle and making sure this race goes smoothly, but that they're also out there at the track doing it.

In fact, DC was at the track all weekend putting in the work, except he did take a break to come by my house last night. We held a big graduation party for Alisa (grad school done) and it was an awesome time, the office gang and the WVU Art Department meshed and merged with unpredictable results. Then DC showed up toting Shannon and the kids. I know he's the busiest man on earth at the moment, so I give him a lot of credit for taking time out for us.

As I've said before, it's good to work on the winning team.


MIKE D said...

Your going to ask for a raise huh?

scrubbin said...

Working at something you like doing is a labor of love. I'm jealous and at the same time look up to anyone that can help the moto fans and actually does it. Yes there are monetary gains to be made but I think in the end DC and crew are like doctors helping the moto starved fans with what makes us feel good. So keep the meds coming and in larger doses especially with the outdoor season ready to start. Oh and thanks to DC and his crew (Jason too)as I'm a moto junkie that's just MAINlineing-MoTo that needs his fix.

Jason Weigandt said...

Mike D,
DC's good but if we put him in charge of the finances we'd all be rich...and then out of business next month. He likes to take care of his people. Wait for the "Rita is awesome" blog and then I'll start seeing the money.