Tuesday, May 20

The Next Generation of Goon Riding

Times have changed. Goon riding in the 1990s consisted of one-handers and cross-ups and revving the your engine to the moon. Today we received some top-secret footage from Simon Cudby that takes it to the next level. In the footage, Sean Hamblin is seen goon riding at Grant Langston's house. His Gooning consists of over-done scrubs over each jump. The Bubba Scrub, which first came to international prominence at Budds Creek in 2003, has now become fodder for Goons. You'll see the footage once Wes Williams posts AMA Motocross Class preview on the Racer X Motocross Show on Motocross.com

That's how I plug stuff.

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Saylor said...

I bet it's great footage, too bad the shows are posted but don't work.