Saturday, May 3

Where Assignments Go to Die

Once again Vegas=no work getting done. I hope you've enjoyed these frequent blog posts. I'm already tired and worn out just halfway through this weekend, and we haven't even started our show yet. I yearn for a Monster, or, some of the oxygen they pump into the casinos.

As for the racing, I think Chad Reed wants to win this one going away, as in, win the race to win the title. I also think Ryan Villopoto is all pissed off and wants to dominate the Lites race. Normally the PC guys aren't even focused on this race, as they've already moved on to the Nationals. This time, it's serious business for Mr. Villopoto.

It's not so serious for anyone else. This is Las Vegas and it just doesn't really allow you to do much in the way of work. But I'm gonna try, we're going on the air in a few minutes.

Oh, and the rumor that James Stewart has signed with L&M Racing has taken about as much attention as the actual supercross race itself. Stewart to Yamaha? Then Reed to...where? Is he gonna' Brad Lackey out and win a title and still not have the ride he wants?

Finally, even though everyone seems to think and know that Chad Reed will obviously win this title, I would just like to imagine for one second how crazy everyone would go if Kevin Windham were to somehow pull this off. Obviously, his long career of bridesmade finishes have made him everyone's sympathetic hero. It would be a big deal, and we can even run that "anything can happen in Vegas" thing to make it sound a little more real.

But come on let's get serious.

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Rob French said...

VEGAS was all it was cracked up to be. It was good to see you there, even if it was just yelling at you while you were up on stage. HAHAHA

I AM the superfan! Next big trip will be Washougal.