Friday, May 30

The man, the myth, the media

GNCC this weekend in Kentucky, AMA/Toyota Motocross this weekend at Hangtown. I'm in Vegas for a layover so you can guess which one I was assigned to.

The second round of a series can work two ways. You either have a wild first round which essentially proves nothing--i.e supercross this year, when Stewart crashed in the first turn and Reedy won, hence not proving who the faster man was. Or you could have the Glen Helen scenario, where Stewart checks out from everyone. At that point, all the questions are answered. Do you honestly expect #800 to find 30 seconds of speed by the end of the moto? Or anyone else to find 45?

Time to enjoy this James Stewart ride, just like he seems to be enjoying it. I can tell you he's loving life right now. Back in 2003 and 2004, I covered the 125 class at the Nationals for Cycle News. James was unbeatable back in those days, and he had so much fun with it that he'd often make up stories just to give us cool stuff to write about. At one race he ran into another rider on accident, and when he was asked about it at the post-race press conference, he blamed his bike:
"That's my bike, it's like that car in the movie Christina. It just goes where it wants and hunts people down."

James ran the Christina theme for the rest of the press conference. The next week, he was on to something new. But he never failed to hand over a money quote and make the crowd laugh.

Last weekend at the press conference, I asked him if he felt 100 percent. He just stared back, as if to say "wasn't that obvious?" Everyone laughed. When he's on, he does it all, and I think we might get all of it this year.


DMXS said...

You'll know if he is feelin' it when he throws down the bike and gives us some sprinkler...I still hear it from people that it pissed them off when he did that? I say do it, and do it often.

yamalink said...

Wonder if James will pull over and let Reed, uh, Alessi by. Let's hope Christina lines up facing backward on the gate, and force James to hunt everyone down.

Matthes/Cox said...

I bet you can't wait to get married and have the internet as a mistress like we do, Weege. If we could jack our skulls up to MotoTalk, we would.

scrubbin said...

James deserves to have an MX title seeing that he was the only rider in the last 2 years to do battle with the GOAT. And we all know James is the fastest SX rider this world has ever seen. Sorry MC, RC, and Chad no one has JS speed in SX, James just has more natural athletic speed and ability. Now looking at this years MX riders after one round is doesn't look like anyone will step it up and give James anything. The only one might be Townley but my money is on James to have an easy summer he has learned to turn down the afterburner when he doesn't need it. But there is one thing I know James's only goal is to finish each race in first place. Nothing else is acceptable to him just like it wasn't acceptable to RC. So good luck to James I hope he has a fun summer doing the nationals. MX needs the best riders so MX needs James and the fans appreciate him being there.

The Real Matthes said...

That was not me who posted the comment 2 above this one.

Just for the record, I'm happily married with four terrifying (to Weege) Bassett Hounds.