Friday, May 16

Why why why

Okay, we can all bench race and theorize, and usually we can come up with a logical reason for anything that happens in this sport. You may not even agree with the reason someone gives, but at least they give you something. Why did Chad Reed win this year's Monster Energy Supercross Title? Maybe he's talented. Or tough. Or works hard. Or he's lucky. Whatever. At least there are reasons.

But of all the mind-blowing stumpers out there, can anyone match the never-ending tale of Broc Hepler getting hurt? Why why why does this keep happening? Just last week everyone seemed pumped on the Hep getting a chance to rebuild his career with a bump to the 450 class. Now he's right back where he started.

If you're counting at home, Hepler blew his 2005 supercross season out when he broke his arm two weeks after winning his first race, his 2006 supercross and motocross season out when he broke his foot testing, blew his 2007 season with a major concussion suffered when testing, and blew his 2008 supercross season with a broken thumb. Now he has a broken arm. The last dude I remember getting hurt like this was Branden Jesseman back in his prime, but even Brando has some strange illnesses mixed in there. Broc is all crash-induced, but when you watch him ride he just doesn't look like a guy who is on the verge of crashing. I just don't get it, and I'm bummed for the guy. He works hard as has the tools. He should have guaranteed success just from that alone. Instead, he keeps getting hurt for some unknown reason.


Matthes said...

I got a better one for you...

Why why why would CR throw his buddy Millsaps under the bus and tell everyone that DM told him what Honda said about him?

That would be like me telling the world that Weege likes to dress up in Barry Carsten gear and run around looking in girls windows.

Some things are better left unsaid.

Anthony in Seattle said...

Mathes - I wondered that too, along with him implying (at least I think that's what he was implying) that Milsaps would be at JGR next year. BTW, you should interview Badshaw every week. Better yet, him and Stanton together.

On Hep - the thing I don't get is that not only does he look like a smooth rider, he also looks like a tough, or at least, "not fragile" guy.

My guess - unless he can recover from this quick and get some wins, it'll be a satellite team for him next year. His contract is up this year, right?

scrubbin said...

You forget that both Branden and Broc hail from the good state of Pennsylvania. There must be something in the water there or the moto gods just don't want moto greatness from PA.
Oh it's easy to know why CR threw Davi under the bus. Chad's team consists of Chad and..and..and..
I just hope Davi likes it under there if he's going to be Chad's team.

Jason Weigandt said...

Brave new world here where riders can just do whatever they want and it's cool. Do you think Millsaps is going to feel any repercussions because Reed said that? From who? Kehoe isn't gonna' get in his face, and apparently he's moving to a new team next year, so why does he care?

Anthony in Seattle,
Agree on Hep, seems like a tough guy. I would bet on a satellite team next year, too. My guess? Factory Connection. Total guess there though.

Awesome observation with Hep. I've seen people around here heartbroken over Jesseman's luck. The Gods are not kind to kids from around here.

yamalink said...

While he's not on the same injury-prone tier as Mike Craig was (remember tripping over his own boots in the hotel room and tweaking a knee or something?), I predict Hepler becomes the next Kiedrowski/Hughes/Fred Andrews/et al in the off-road scene. Broc likes the trees and trails.

Anonymous said...

I ahree with yamalink. Forget moto and go GNCC, better chance of not getting hurt and he could have a long career..............oh I almost forgot you can make ten times more fininshing last or being hurt in moto than you can winning at offraod