Thursday, May 22


Welcome to sunny California. It's 68 degrees and raining here at Anaheim. DC and I are ready to hit MotoBowl to get our swerve on. Check out for info, should be really fun and if you're anywhere near Anaheim tonight, come on down and I'll teach you a thing or two.


yamalink said...
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yamalink said...

Was the tension between RV and Trey thicker than the french fry grease?

Paul said...

ah, getting your "swerve" on once meant something similar to getting your "freak" on... as in having sex with someone... and the idea of you and DC "swerving", well... that ain't such a pleasant thought! Not that there's anything wrong with it, though... ;)

Jason Weigandt said...

Jeususususus Paul!

The balls were swerving. The bowling balls. Oh gee. That sounds worse.

They were there. They didn't come close to each other.