Wednesday, July 9


Spotted this news flash when I signed on to AOL IM yesterday:

Mini-Me's sex-tape co-star is responsible for its release, claims TMZ. Verne Troyer's ex, aspiring model Ranae Shrider, now admits to leaking the teaser footage, and plans to shop the whole shebang around town. And you thought your ex was bad ... (July 3)

Man what a great move by this aspiring model! She obviously wants to get attention to help boost her career. And if she's an aspiring model, she must be decently hot. So, you work over Mini-Me for a few weeks, video tape it, and then sell it because let's be honest, a video of some hot chick running Mini-Me might be enough to make the internet explode. She'll make big bucks and get big attention. Folks, here we are fighting a down economy and in desperate need for technological breakthroughs on energy efficiency. But just when you think we've run out of smart people in the world, someone comes up with this!

Wait! Google has led me to more info on the girl right here.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure being an "aspiring" model means your decently hot. EVERYBODY is an "aspiring" model. I'M an "aspiring" model! (Anybody got Vern's number?)


Anonymous said...

You are too funny Mr. Blogandt. Like father, like son!!!
Nice to see you on here these days.

Jason Weigandt said...

But who said you're not "decently hot?"