Thursday, July 24

The Real Red Riders

I'm bracing for the biggest trip of the year--Washougal to Loretta's--so I don't have much to write here. So I'm going to share the raw, undeveloped notes I typed in at Unadilla.

Mud, privateers Jacob Morrison, Marsack, Carpenter, Balbi crossed in 4th and pointed to the sky

JS in PC: “That ground had hit me so many times I felt like I had to kick it back”

Josh Hill bad luck both motos. Crash moto one in 3rd, looked like brake troubles in moto 2.

Townley on the show had to leave to cheer Cooper, said the #9 and the #101 had nothing for him in pre season

Cooper had mud tires on for second moto, helped get start. Stewart admitted hard pack

Like I thought, the soil wasn't different. All that sand got pushed off, may have had something to do with expecting rain, you can’t disc as deep, may have to ask. Yamaha manager Jim Perry said it was "a little different."

Davalos bike trouble in first moto, third in moto two for third straight race.

Awesome Lites moto 1 battle for third. Georke crashed out of third.

Canard stopped for goggles in moto 2

Short second moto troubles in mud (hates mud)

Hahn had holeshot and was third in lites moto two when they red flagged. He lost the most

Summey hurt, Jeff Alessi was battling with Albertson

Cunningham awesome 1st moto

That's what I have.

A brewing story right now is a possible opening on the Honda Red Bull Racing team since the #118, #9 and #101 bikes are all parked. The boards are saying Jimmy Albertson may get a shot. And Jeff Alessi hinted on the webcast last week that something big was going to happen this weekend, but Matthes told me nothing is supposed to change as far as the Moto XXX team is concerned (Jeff was riding under the Moto XXX tent anyway, but he's not a full-fledged member of the team because he has a clothing deal with Alpinestars). I honestly don't expect Jeff or Jimmy Alberston to be full-on Honda Red Bull factory guys, but maybe they will get some support. When you combine Honda and Red Bull in one team, I don't think you have a team that just throws deals around so quickly.

And how about Cody Cooper? That dude is tearing it up, but Suzuki had Alessi going strong early in the season and now Byrner is on it, so they're not as desperate for results as they could be. I think Cody has a good thing going and shouldn't mess with it. Plus, I don't think Cooper cares...about anything, really. Matthes actually told me an awesome story, where a bunch of fans went by Cooper's pit at Budd's Creek and said "yeah, doing it for the privateer. Keep it up Cody!" So Cody says thanks and stuff, and then turns to his buddy and said "So, what's a privateer anyway?"


Anonymous said...

Cody Cooper- the new Chad Reed!

YamaLink said...

I interviewed Jeff Alessi one year at a race outside Boise, Idaho, and he got nailed by the promoter for taking another practice with the amateurs! There was #801 going mach 47 while Joe Dirt Local Guy was mis-shifting over the single-single-single; #801 was seat bouncing for a triple. Obviously the safety thing came into play.

But seeing as how I'm in the prototype phase of Six Degrees of Motocross Separation Minus Kevin Bacon (gotta read the previous blog entry of Jason's otherwise I'll sound like a bigger idiot)....Jeff Alessi and Albertson battled/Boise was the world headquarters for the Albertsons supermarket/I interviewed Jeff in Boise.

Crap, that went nowhere. Back to the drawing board.

MIKE D said...

SEE YOU AT THE RACE THIS WEEKEND. It hasnt rained in Wa for about THREE weeks. The track should get dusty and be hardpacked and slick in places (unless there have been track soil changes like everywhere else). Like ALWAYS it wll be green and beautiful, and of course RV will be going about 4 0r 5 seconds a lap faster than everyone. Jason you always say its not RV home track, but make NO mistake it is. The fans love him and he has been making laps there for alot of years. GO RV1

MIKE D said...

SWEET !!!Ill see you in the tower!!

Thanks for the wrist bands weege!!!

Ill be in the beer garden, when the second moto comes around I should be "primed up" to do some real gum flapping on the live web cast!!

THANKS BUDDY! See u There!!!!

I Heart Parts Unlimited for the best BBQ @ Washougal!!!!!

PS Parts Unlimited RULES!!!!!!!

8pac said...

I was just thinking, wonder if my buddy's iphone would work up shougal so we could listen to the live webcast while watchin the race. I'd be kinda cool to watch the back section while hearing the rest on webcast.

So does anyone know if there's reception there??

Anonymous said...

Cody is a real easy guy to like and deserves every bit of the good stuff thats coming his way.
Super Cooper!!!!!