Thursday, July 31

Covert update: Loretta's

Pssst. We're announcing sun up to sun down here at Loretta Lynn's, and I don't have time to blog. I just snuck in to Rita's motorhome here at 2 a.m. to get internet access. Please check out the usual site for our daily MX SportsCenter shows from the Ranch. They're hosted by myself and Kevin Kelly of DMXS Radio, and they're basically just like a daily edition of the Racer X Motocross Show.

Oh no! The boss lady is coming. I'm out!


Anonymous said...

Hey Weege,
Just wanted to say that your pre/post shows on are the best thing to hit mx media in ages. As an o'seas rider (nz) the shows keep us up to date and in the loop.
keep em coming.

Go Cody

Jason Weigandt said...

Thanks, Cody. Keep checking that site this week for MX SportsCenter from Loretta Lynn's's exactly like the MX Show.

Gordon Sumner said...

Dont get to tuckered out down there, I hear you have a funeral... I mean wedding to attend.
Congrats on finding someone who can put up with you for the rest of his?/her? life.

Ivan Tedesco said...


Do you know anyone who pays good to have their lawn mowed? The paper route isn't putting food in the kid's mouth.


Frank said...

maybe if you weren't so busy playing slap and tickle with kevin in the tower you could pound out more blogs! hahaha. just go over to the fox tower like the rest of the racer x staff and use our internet.i wish i didnt havta leave early...good hangin out with you guys!

Anonymous said...

Does Loretta ever come out and yell "Hey, you kids, get off my lawn!"?


Psychcle said...

Weege, you are needed at the X-Games 15 next year... Darklame out... Weege in to step up the announcing! Oh and you kids get off my lawn...good one...:-)