Tuesday, July 8

One Phase in the Comeback

We had a short discussion at Red Bud about Jason Lawrence's career prospects. At one point, a few of us thought he may have trouble getting a team to hire him, but then we realized that talent and speed and a SX number-one plate are the hottest commodities in this business. He will be back on the track somewhere down the road, and he will have good support doing it.

A few votes went out for a crazy team of Chad Reed and Jason on all-black Hondas, maybe backed by Carey Hart or even the Metal Mulisha. They'd both be sporting number-one plates, and if you're looking for buzz, well, Reed's contract status and Lawrence's 'issues' are the hottest topics this summer. And now neither of them are even racing!

But the reality is this: no matter what team Lawrence ends up on, you will see a press release about it saying two things:

A) He's using this as a positive.

B) He's in the best shape of his life.

And now that the apology is out we already have A) taken care of. Look for the best shape of his life PR in a few months.

Propers out to The Crown AMG marketing group who emailed out the apology today. They really tried to make it sound like Lawrence wrote that.

(Update 7/8/08: I have now heard from good sources that Lawrence did indeed write that letter, and now even the AMA has released an official press release on the matter. I stand corrected.)

That group has always done a good job of promoting what they have. J-Law's agent Scott Sepkovic, for example, has never done anything but compliment us on the stuff we write/say about J-Law. The man knows that to promote J-Law properly, bad press is good press.

Although it might be so bad right now, they'll have to try to turn it into a positive.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post Jason.
I think that humor in journalism- especially motocross these days is much needed. And, you are the man for that!!!

Anonymous said...

if JLaw actually wrote that apology, then fine, give the kid a second chance to make good on everything.

If the agency did write it for him, and then issue the release to cover for him, you lose me right there...they are complicit in further enabling his spoiled brat behavior...

techbob said...

I was one of those fans that went to Reeeedddd Buuuudddd to see Jlaw ride. While I don't condone his actions off of the race track, it was fun to look for the guy on a Yamaha with the red gloves and the weird style going blazing fast.
I do hope he gets it figured out soon.

yamalink said...

Of course someone will hire #1 JLaw and it'll bring a shiyat storm of press releases whether written by an intern or JLaw himself.

Heck, JGR hired Hansen and gave him the world, pretty much, and his racing resume isn't even 1/10th of #338. Granted, their controversies are pretty much equal but I don't think Josh got arrested AND in fights in the same month.

Anonymous said...

This type of thing has been going on for years in moto- Jlaw is not the first and wont be the last. He's a KID with ALOT of money and spare time. I think its funny. Trust me he will look back and regret it.


Psychcle said...

Weegenright... thanks for helping pave the way for "the Kid" to make a comeback... he's just a kid and needs support from us old guys... good for you for doing the right thing... in a world of moto bots and bandwagons... Psychcle = Leash Free Media

mxkid506 said...

Lawrence is a super talented rider and is an asset to the sport in many ways (and an obvious detrement in at least one). I don't know what his problems are with his off-track antics, but I hope he gets his s*%t together for 2009. I guess it's just a byproduct of the marriage of a young kid with a lot of money, and noone around to keep him in check.

Maybe losing his ride and his paycheck for 6 months will scare him into reality. Whatever the case I hope, and am sure, that he'll return for next season.