Sunday, July 13

Budd's Creek

Man, it's hot here. Big difference between holding this race in July instead of June. Track is run in reverse, too, which I believe will make for a more fair start. Last year's 180 degree left hand first turn gave the advantage to anyone with an inside gate pick. This year the pack makes a 90 degree left before heading up hill. Also, the track is in much better shape than it was for the National last year, and race promoter John Beasley is in better condition as well. Last year he had flipped his quad a month or so before the race and was in no condition whatsoever for the national. Note now that the track is better.

But Beasley decided to throw small bark chips down to soften the soil, instead of using sand like it seems every other track does. I talked to a few people, and they say that while the wood chips make the track look like it would have good traction, it doesn't actually doesn't. We'll see.

Honestly, it doesn't matter what the track is like, you're not gonna' stop James and Ryan. Enjoy the build up!


MIKE D said...

So If your noy going to post anything "meaty" I will comment on "Rynoland" place looks cool. Ryno Rips! Ricky Dietrich is REALLY fast. I wish he would ride an outdoor national. Bobby Bonds does alright, I think Ricky D is way faster, he has style even for a off road rider. I bet Ricky D would top ten for sure top fifteen no problem

Anonymous said...

he flipped his kwad?