Monday, July 7

Things You Hear in the Night

At about 3 am on the drive home from Red Bud last night, I'm doing everything I can to stay sharp.The combination of Monster, Monster Java, and a grande Starbucks pitch in to help, but the true mind stimulation comes courtesy of XM Radio. I have CNN on, and they're playing a superb episode of Nancy Grace. They're talking about the recent story where a husband takes his wife on a honeymoon in Australia and then kills her while they're scuba diving.

These shows are always reaching to fill time. They run the same stock footage over and over, they bring in analysts who have never met the people involved, and they generally run on rampant speculation. So that's what led to this horrible analysis, which, in my highly focused state, I could not miss.

I found the clip on YouTube, just scroll to minute 4:50

So, to review, in just 11 days of marriage, this wife grew a backbone and some self esteem, and the husband realized this and probably had an affair (which "may" come out later) and then had to get revenge by killing her. In 11 days! I've got two months to go before I'm married. If this much can happen in 11 days, it's going to be one crazy summer!


Xtreme116 said...

Did they show the surveillance footage at the grave-yard. The daughters family would put fresh flowers on the head stone, only to have them stolen during the night.
The police lock-tied the flowers and video-taped the head-stone. They watched and, there comes the grieving husband, with his wire-cutters!! Cuts off the lock, takes them to the trash and throws them away. Some grieving husband.

Anonymous said...

This is cable TV news at it's finest. Nancy Grace is just pathetic. I skipped to 4:50, and could only make it to 5:10. Now I'm not going to be tempted to get cable tv for another year, thanks Weege, more $ for MX!

bsundell71 said...

I figured that after your story of your Marriage counseling you would have nothing left to worry about, but you never know.
Marriage will be great for you.

Jason Weigandt said...

Wow didn't know that! The husband was taking the flowers away--this was after he made her pay with her life, made her pay with her life insurance, and then bear hugged her in the water so he could watch the fear in her eyes as she died.

Perhaps he was stealing the flowers to give them to someone he was having an affair with (which may still come out).

Anonymous said...

So the husband is thinking, "Her dying at my hands is making a lot of trouble for me. Does she really deserve flowers?"


Jason Weigandt said...

That's true, Dad. I mean honestly, why should she get the rewards? He was the one who did all the work!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way did you know that the husband asked her to up her life insurance right before the honeymoon. Her dad told her not to.