Thursday, November 1

Japan 2

We made it! Landed in Tokyo, hopped on a plane to Sendai and checked in at the Montana Resort, which appears to be some big family resort with slides, pools, tennis courts, hiking trails and the like. It is really fun on the outside but very Japanese on the inside. Some in our group tried to stay American and ordered spaghetti for dinner, but Alisa and I went all out: she ordered the rib steak and I ordered shrimp curry. It was really good, actually, and we thought we had it made.

Then they showed us the rooms. Just flat foam on the floor--lots of blankets and pillows but no bed. And the showers are community showers, like going to the gym. You don]t get a shower in your room. Charlie, Rodney and I strategically went at seperate times because we do not need to know each other that well.

We have to go-bus comes to get us at 9 am. Supposedly we will have a translator today so this should start making sense...


Anonymous said...

I am Japanese and raced the morning race at the Ironman. Unfortunately I got DNF but watched afternoon pro race and had big fun . Anyhow I am glad that you are excited and having fun in Japan. Looking forward to hearing your impression from Japan!
Thanks for your fun blog!
Did you try ox tongue?
J rider
p.s. I also attended Watty's class. I wanted him to go to Japan to race and have some riding class.

Anonymous said...

I've only passed thru Japan, and the showers in the airport are really nice, but the smoking rooms sure are crowded. Why would you buy sushi in SF? Well hell, I had sushi at Schipol in Amsterdam and the Japanese guy sitting next to me thought I was crazy drowning my sushi in soy sauce.

Anyways,I'm sure you'll do a bang up job,but try not to be so over the top like you were at the Des nations : ) Thanks M. Brown

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. Have fun over there..

Jason Weigandt said...

To J Rider:
We have not tried Ox Tongue, but yesterday we were treated to a lovely lunch at a place that serves “only cow tongue.” This was not a joke. Alisa and I are always willing to try new stuff, but she did tell me a theory about mad cow coming from eating anything in the nervous system, so scratch that idea, because that includes tongue. We moved on to a mall and had more of what we expected—noodles. Later, our interprator, Nopi, said the tongue would have been okay because it gets imported from the US!