Sunday, November 4

More Photo!!!!!

Racer X in Japan!

30 Second Card Girl.

Charlie on the what we were calling the "EnduroCross" section. They basically took a tractor and dug big trenches into the motcross track. Koikeda tripled through the craters, Charlie found this hot line along the top.
A proud Rodney Smith accepts thanks from the Japanese fans.

Japenese bottlenecks look just like American ones.

Hot Rod grabbed the big check--100,000 Yen (okay, that's only $1000 but some older gentleman came over to me and said "In Japan, 100,000 is big bucks")

Jason escapes a bottle neck.

Takeshi had the home field advantage in so far as he knew which spectators would provide the most traction.

Raines, on the comeback #100, grabs the holeshot.