Friday, November 30


My blog is now official since I'm sure every other one ever made has once made a post on a Friday titled TGIF.

Hey the rest of the Man Friend story is coming but here are a few other topics to feast on:

As evidenced by the Racer X interview with Josh Hansen, Mr. Over It is now focused down in North Carolina. Not to worry though because Jason Lawrence and the rest of the hard core SoCal club have a new recruit --Josh Hill. Check out the Transworld site for a hilarious interview with Hill and his neighbor Lawrence. The boys are throwing it down and it's fun. I bet Keith McCarty at Yamaha is just thrilled to hear about the J Hill J Law connection.

By the way, seeing these two team up reminds me of when the Philadelphia Eagles signed Terrell Owens, and he said he and Donovan McNab had already started working on their touchdown celebration dances. My favorite sports writer, Bill Simmons from, wrote "Name me one Super Bowl championship team that started the season talking about touchdown dances."

Evil Knieval is dead at 69. When we heard the news at the office today, everyone reacted the same way "That's it?" Do you see what kind of legacy this guy has left? It's like the fact that he has passed without doing it in a fiery wreck is a disapointment. "That's it." That's how everyone reacted. The guy lived such a spectacular life that everyone is disapointed that he died so anti-climacticly, I guess.

Here's some more "motocross is everyone in the world" info. Here's a story on the races in Uganda

and also a story on Sean "Hawaii Five-0" Lipanovich racing in Guam.

Have a good weekend folks. On Saturday night, WVU is playing against their arch, arch rival Pitt in a battle for a birth in the NCAA National Title game. I'm buying a few extra fire extinguishers.