Tuesday, November 20

Where Assignments Go to Die

And once again Vegas wins--a full 3-0 sweep of the season series against me. This time I had basically tapped out by Sunday morning. I felt so bad after a big night out on Saturday (starring seemingly every member of the off-road racing community) that I was sure I wouldn't be able to recover in time to even go to the AMA Racing banquet on Sunday night. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Sleep, shower, medicine and the gigantic Rio buffet couldn't fix me. So I resorted to one of the biggest mistakes in Vegas lore (easily as bad as say, betting it all on red or hitting on a 19): I started DRINKING AGAIN to feel better. And what's more, IT WORKED. Honestly I would have been miserable at that Sunday night banquet had I not tried chasing the hangover with wine, and somehow it worked. My whole goal on Sunday was to bro down with some of the MX guys who usually only see me as "the guy who does interviews with us and then dissapears." See I wasn't hosting or even working the Sunday banquet, which made it the last race-related event I've been to in which I wasn't working in like 5 years. Luckily, the wine saved me and I was able to function coherently and bro down just a tad.

I've got some great stories from Vegas and as always on this blog, the rules of what happens in Vegas stays there are going to be wiped out. But today I've had to focus on completing the program for the 2007 GNCC banquets coming up this weekend. So more tomorrow.

And if any of you know Steve Matthes, just tell him I died over the weekend or something so he doesn't try to get in touch with me any longer.


Matthes said...

Hey! You didnt die. I know this because I read Blogandt.
Bastard....call me back.

mxpics said...

sometimes it works sometimes
it doesn't if i can remember that far back. you got lucky this time.remember that this weekend. good luck thom

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a little "hair of the dog" to get you over a hangover. Have a happy Thanksgiving.