Saturday, November 3

Japan 6 - School's Out

American Ninjas.

Charlie Mullins' first day on a Suzuki.

Rodney Smith!!!! Climb Hill!!! RM250!!!!!

Jason watches a rider and then tries to figure out how to explain how to turn better without being able to explain anything.

The annual AAGP riding school is complete and once again not a single student learned anything--after all the teachers don't speak the language. Basically, the afternoon was spent watching Rodney, Jason and Charlie make stuff look good and easy, and the watch the Japanese riders attack it and crash. Jason tried valiantly to explain things--but no one could come up with the translation for "precise" in Japan, ironic for a country which makes those high quality Toyotas--and then the school just became a "hang out with the stars" program. I don't think the Japanese riders learned much, but they will forever tell their friends they got to spend the afternoon with the "American Top Guns of GNCC." At least, that's what it says on the T-shirts they have here.