Friday, November 2


This is about the coolest race hauler I've ever seen.

On the right is Takeshi Koikeda, the '05 All-Japan MX Champion. He will be racing this weekend.

Japanese Garden: Horsepower Hill, Japanese style.

Needs more cow tongue: The team spread in the Suzuki pits featured sushi.

No prerunning: This is your typical bike carrier in Japan.

Nothing Lost in Translation: The JNCC track markers are very similar to the GNCC markers.

The JNCC Poster, featuring the American boys, made it to this guy's van.

Jason Raines brought his own bars. He needed a taller bend.

Charlie (left) and Rodney scope the Suzuki pits.

The gang at dinner on night one. Clockwise: Lori Smith, Rodney Smith, the HSCGIED, Me, Rachel, Charlie, Mr. Masami Masami Hoshino, President of JNCC.


Anonymous said...

Hoshino is our new prez? lol more saki for weige.


motodude said...

What chu doin in nippondenso land Jason?

cpsmith58 said...

Dude, the HSCGIED is a cutie!