Tuesday, November 13

Uh Oh, Better Get Maico

So here's a news gem about 1970's German marque Maico attempting to make a comeback. Click here to read.

The article waxes on about how impressive the line will be, but take one look at the photo above and tell me how effective (or even affective) this line will be. Hmmmmm.....is that a big two stroke pipe sticking out? Does that body work and chassis bring back memories of Pearl Jam and chatting on America On Line i.e. the 90's?

I would put more faith in BMW's new 450 than this 500 two-stroke. Although, take that with a grain of salt because MXA recently did a test of a CR500 versus a CRF450 and found that if the 500 two-stroke was in a modern chassis it may have been the better bike....

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Harddog321 said...

No surprise to me! A CR500 or YZ490 would put the wood to anybodys 450!

How about a 87 KX500 with a reworked bottom end plugged into an 08 KX450 chassis. OMG!!! Not to mention the cost of a rebuild would be less than half what it would cost today!

You young guys just don't know. Ridden correctly, (ask DB how to do that) an open 2 stroke was bad ass!!! I died the day they killed the open class!