Saturday, November 3

Japan 7 - Opening Ceremonies

They're not kidding when they say that the JNCC Series has taken the GNCC format. The announcer cranked the music up at 7 am this morning and welcomed everyone to the AAGP just like GNCC mic man Rodney Tomblin does in the U.S.

There will be a 8 am race dubbed the "Fun Race" which is for beginners and also includes buddy classes, with riders switching off during the event. That will run for 90 minutes. The main AAGP runs at 11 am, and it's a three-hour event just like a GNCC in the U.S. Pros or AA riders start on the front two rows of the Sugo Motocross track start line, but Rodney, Charlie and Jason will start on row three--call it home field advantage for the Japanese riders.

The Fun Race is about to begin so I will run down there and shoot some photos. Stay tuned.

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DC said...

Are you sure who was saying "Good morning AAGP!" and not, say, "The red dog crows at midnight"?