Saturday, January 19

Californication (Easily the 974,688,324 time that has been used as a blog title)

Today started in Chicago. My flight was supposed to leave at 10 am and of course got pushed back to 10:15, and then I went to sleep on the plane and woke up, and lo and behold it was 11:05 and we were JUST TAKING OFF. Then I slept the whole way to LA. The Hertz people told me my car would be in spot M84, but that was empty when I walked to it. Then a worked drove a Pruis into that spot. Was I really gonna' get a Prius? Nope--they told me the wrong spot. Went to customer service and watched some guy yelling and screaming because he only went to Mexico for one dayso he shouldn't have had to pay for the full week of Mexico insurance. Some woman was waiting on line behind this and got pissed, she yelled "Hey some of us have a flight to catch! Hurry up!" Then the customer service woman yelled "Hey they are customers just like you!!!" Awesome out here. Finally I got my chance and they told me to go to spot 594, and lo and behold there wasn't a car there, either. Back to the customer service line. They couldn't find my car anywhere. Then all of a sudden it rolled up in front of the office, some guy just got out and left it there. I told the customer service lady "hey there is my car" and she sprinted out of the booth and ran to it. Gave me the car and a $25 coupon for my next rental. I headed and out got suck right in the middle of Friday LA traffic, went a few miles an hour all the way down to Anaheim. Matt Ware and I went on a run. Then we went to Pole Position, the go kart place in Corona, and drove like 100 laps, with Billy Ursic killing us in the karts just like he would have on bikes. And we all finished within the same distance and the same order every time--just like supercross practice! Then we tried to find a late night sushi joint but they were all early-night places. Now we're back at the hotel and painful as it is to admit, the Fender guitar convention has killed supercross, as the bar is packed with middle aged rockers with their flavor savor beards and "long-style" hair, which is actually not long but is styled long, like Jon Bon Jovi runs nowadays. You know "it's no longer cool to have long hair but I run it with this big wave to remind everyone that I did once have long hair." Now it's time for bed. Tomorrow is retro night and I'm beyond pumped.

There. That's a day in my life. This blog post is just as creative as its title.


DJ 868 said...

Sounds like the rental car scene from that old eighties film, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. I was VERY surprised to see MC has switched away from Bell Helmets. I know the TLD helmet would be the next choice for him but still surprising to me. Is he racing or just doing a demo this weekend? The TLD press release made it sound like he might be racing but I remember him saying his days of racing pro in the USA were done.

Jason Weigandt said...

No racing for MC, but he will do a lap during opening ceremonies. The TLD guys are pumped, but I actually forgot that he wore Bell forever. So I guess this is a big deal.

Anonymous said...

Hey Weege,

Here's an interesting fact. Check the top 20 of A2's quaifiers. Alessi in 10th is the only California'n in the top 20. The other 2 guys listed from Cali are from France !

Interesting fact with so many supposed motoheads and an industry that's based there.


M. Brown