Saturday, January 12

Determined to make a determination

So here's the good thing about Anaheim 1 this year--it was just muddy enough to make the race work a little differently than it would have on under perfect conditions, and everyone made it out healthy. That means we can hit the reset button here for Phoenix and expect it to basically be another round one. It's like 2005 again.

And this isn't simple early-season hype. Check out all the comments posted from the previous post, "Who's Bad." About 12 loyal blogandters (that's 100 percent of the people that read this, I believe) posted their thoughts on who should do better and who should do worse this weekend at Phoenix, and what's cool is the opinions differed yet they all made sense.

I'll do my best to keep on top of the happenings here this afternoon in Phoenix, and of course will have tons of updates. Then we have this internet show tonight, too. Okay, meeting time...I'll be back.

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nunley said...

Weege, you bring up the similarities to the start of 05. Reed lost the 05 series IN the Anaheim 1 mudder with a miserable start to his championship defense.(he placed16th, I remember his front wheel completly locked up with mud) He went on that year to finish 2nd.

Lets hope this year isn't a repeat of Stewarts' Phoenix run in 05 (he busted himself up terrible.) I was first in his autograph line that year, he said "I'll be right back." Shot off to practice, came back holding a busted wing in the Asterik Mule.

I know I'm pointing out the obvious to you, sorry. Looking forward to your Phoenix commentary!