Sunday, January 13

The Rising

Phoenix is over--special thanks to everyone who helped host the HSCGIEGET (Hottest Smartest Coolest Girl I Ever Got Engaged To) ((Who could also go by OGIEGET since she's the only one)). Also special thanks to all the racers who put on an awesome show. I think supercross has been more exciting this year than people expected a few months ago. Reed's challenge to Stewart looked pretty darned real for the first 10 laps last night, there are about 8 guys behind that who are seemingly a complete equal match for each other, and the Lites class is outrageous.

I noted that the track at Phoenix was nearly perfect for good racing--fast and relatively simple, yet with enough different combinations and a split lane that allowed for passing. And man, that Lites main had more passing than I've seen in entire seasons of supercross combined.

Now we should have an even simpler track next weekend for retro night. Imagine if it gets better than this.


Pondo said...

Lites sounded like the best race ever - I feel really sorry for Hepler, but the dude'll bounce back.

So what's the skinny on the retro Anaheim? Will the Burner be there to have RJ demolish him again??

Anonymous said...

Jason...I'll have to give it to you. Your coverage on the web was 100% better than Speed's coverage on Sunday. So keep up the good work.

Crush said...

Weege... Greetings from OZ... About the track thing... I haven't seen the race yet, will shortly... Even if the racing is great I think we are starting to miss the point with SX here... What about the fans... The main was like 15 minutes which means the 250 class musta been 10... What do you think about 2 mains, or at least a 15 minute and 20 minute plus 2 situation... Seeing your favourite rider on the track must be about the half hour mark for a whole night of racing if that... I know it is supercross but this is ridicolous... ???!!!!???

jeff said...

what comments have you heard about the upcoming retro track from riders? I heard/read a few guys saying it was a joke while others like that Live Nation was trying something different?

Jason Weigandt said...

Pondo--That was classic "Hepler giving it away" there. That dude has had more dumb crashes at the worst times...
Supposedly Burner is going to block RJ again during opening ceremonies. This way Live Nation can save on the firworks bill and just have RJ bring it for them.

Mr. Anonymous,
Are you kidding? I'm sure Ralph did an awesome job #@(!@^#$*&@^$#*^!^%@!_$#*&@! (oops, there was that tazer again)

Good to know the Blog is huge in Australia. I totally agree with you that it's odd to have a 3-hour show where the stars perform for about 30 minutes total. I'm all about 25 or maybe 30 laps--hey, maybe guys would have to pace themselves, which could mix up the action? That's just a guess. This year's Phoenix track actually produced slightly longer laps than year's past. I'm afraid next week's race could be 10 minutes.

I think some riders aren't for it, but I think Live Nation basically says "Hey, it's only one race out seventeen, what's the big deal?" I really don't understand why the guys would be against it. It's different, and after riding on 16 cookie-cutter stadium tracks every week and every weekend (minus Daytona) gets old doesn't it? And if it winds up producing good racing...well now we're on to something, eh?

John said...


Since Reed got second in PHX, are you giving up on him as stated in a previous blog?

John said...

Since Reed finished 2nd in PHX, have you given up on him as previously stated in a previous blog?

Also, since were talking PHX, what's up with Windham's porn star mustache he's sporting?

Jason Weigandt said...

I'm really stuck in a hard spot here. See, at Anaheim 3 last year Reedy gave Stewart a great run for the win, but when I blogged about what a good battle it was, some dude ripped me for being a Reed supporter and a Stewart hater. STEWART WON!!!! WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW???? REED HAS NOTHING FOR HIM AND NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL!!!! And on it went.
So, and I will say this carefully, Reed showed he could go just as fast as Stewart in Phoenix, and, he seemed to take the loss harder than some others he has had. I think he really wants it this year and he really thinks he can get it. So it should be fun to watch. But if doubting him makes him ride better, then REED SUCKS!!! There.