Thursday, January 31

Rumor Control

Rumor had it last night that Broc Hepler had crashed riding and broke his leg. This would have been a horrible, horrible blow to the young man. Even John Knowles from Scott called me today asking if I knew anything. While we waited for everyone in California to wake up so we could make phone calls, Billy Ursic just decided to send a text to Hepler himself. The answer? He didn't even ride yesterday! So Hep's okay. Just clearing that up for those that heard it.


Clash said...

Yeah, those injury-rumors suck whether or not they are true.

When I spoke to Hep today he just finished up at Perris and wondered what all the fuss was about.

He certainly has had his share, and I think we all took a deep collective breath when we found out he was ok.

Daniel said...

I've been in Bad Billy's position before. There is a rumor about someone. You feel fairly confident about just calling that person to see. But what if it's true?? You could seem like big nasty if turns out to be true. But if it's not, well then you can squash the rumor right there. Got to hand to Bad Billy, that was a ballsy move.

Mom! Toilets blogged! said...

Jeff Fredette separated his shoulder a week ago, heard it straight from him.

My own herpes has flared up again.

Britney is in hospital.

Jason, have you seen this months Trail Rider? It looks pretty good, many new items like discussed in Vegas. Clip said next month was even better.


mxx421 said...

Glad he's not injured again, I want to see him have an injury free year, and hopefully make the most of it.

rocky said...

The rumor just came a few days too early. And it turned out to be a thumb, not a leg. Bummer. Apparently Sauce and Cool G are hatin' life too. Oh well, Presto's back!

Daniel said...

This is crazy. All I can say is "Whoa!" Did we all jinx B-Hep?? There isn't a Blogandt curse is there? I hope not. We've been talking about Reed a lot lately and he is still going strong so it must just be a freak coincidence. Hope Hepler is back racing soon.