Sunday, January 27

They Tried

That's it. You can't ask for a better shot than this. It was raining and muddy, Windham and Millsaps were fast and got good starts. And Tim Ferry even got a freaking holeshot. But when all was said and done Chad Reed was faster, steadier and better than those guys, and now he's got to be thinking about the record book this season. The dude simply has everything on his side right now and it would shock and amaze me to see someone just rip it from him.

The only person who I think has the talent and the stuff to do it is Davi Millsaps. The kid just has gobs and gobs of talent on a supercross track. Speed wise, I think he's a definite maybe, instead of a straight up no like the rest of the pack. But Millsaps has always had trouble putting it together, and against a machine like Chad Reed, you can't make any mistakes at all for 20 laps or you will not beat him (unless you're Ricky Carmichael or James Stewart).

It could be a long season at the top for Reedy.


nunley said...

Weege you going to have to make some kind of bet with Millsaps to get a win from him. Maybe you could talk Shaheen into going on air without pants. MAYBE you could talk Erin into it!!! (Sorry personal agenda popping up) I agree Millsaps has the best potential of all the riders right now but until someone else is willing to go pantless it will probably remain..... potential.

Jason Weigandt said...

You know what happens, nunley. Girls get in the way! Back in his Lites days Davi used to tell Erin "you're my whole motivation for getting up on this podium."

Now he's all chicked up with Britney so he doesn't say it anymore.

Maybe I can get him in on something though....

Clash said...

Chad Reed is now officially a mud-rider. It took several years to erase the 2005 Anaheim 1 embarrassment that ended his title hopes before they began, but that is a distant memory.

Reedy rode like the track was dry using every bit of his skill to make it look easy while the other top riders struggled to keep it together. As I watched him rail the corners and hit his jumps lap after lap in the down pour, I reached the same conclusion….…It will be difficult to step up to his level as the season continues because of one undeniable fact…..Champions like RC, Reed, and Stewart can respond with even MORE speed when pressed. If someone challenges Reed, they better have the balls to keep pressing because in his mind the championship is already his and they don’t have the luxury of hoping for a mud race to help them anymore.

jeff said...

Millsaps looked good at SF. I think he has the mentality (hang it out) to sniff the rear tire of Reed but no the 20-lap consistency to beat him.

Anyone else notice that K-Dub might be the happiest guy in Supercoss right now?

Great to see his "resurgence" from 07. Shows you how great a rider he is that he finished 07 with 4th overall and he didn't even want to be racing.
Close second would have to be CR and the Larry Brooks camp. REAL CLOSE.

Johnny_G said...

Weege: Is it truly a chick problem? Come on you sound like my dad..... "That damn hot blonde ruined your racing career". I can think of other riders AHEM AHEM that are said to have "great potential" but for various reasons NEVER deliver! J-Law comes to mind, but now with that first win monkey off his back will he go on a run that rivals the 2007-08 Patriots? or is the "first win" thing another falacy and he will take another 3 years to win if ever again? BTW Props to Gavin Gracyk for his 6th..... I know he has got some podiums in him MARK MY WORDS.

Johnny-G OUT!!!

Capaianc said...

As much as we'd like to see good racing for the Supercross title, the fact is that none of the current 450 guys are going to challenge Reed, not this year anyway. The only guy with that kind of speed and potential is still messing around in the Lites class, and that's Villopoto. All the Supercross guys have been given their chances to show what they're made of, and it isn't the same stuff that Stewart, Carmichael, Reed and Villopoto have. The next real challengers for the Supercross title are going to come from the Lites class; they're guys that show real fire like Villopoto and Stroupe

rocky said...

Maybe that convincing win in the mud will quiet down the Reed haters for a little bit. I don't know about Millsaps. He's a lot like Windham, only instead of occasional mental blockers, he has mystery illnesses and an unfortunate habit of making mistakes.

I would really like to see Andrew Short get up there in the fight. And what the hell's up with Red Dog? The dude gets a holeshot and still ends up tenth?

Weege, I really wish we could get you and Jim to the the TV broadcasts. I'm sure the Heener and Fro are doing there best, but damn. They give the same redundant observations over and over again and I've lost count of how many times they've been confused on who's who. It's like, "Uh, someone's got the holeshot! It looks like...uh...uh...a Honda! That's Jake Weimer with the holeshot! (Two laps later)Oh no, that was Dan Reardon with the holeshot, excuse me!"

Is the announcer's tower not close enough to the track, do they not know the rider's numbers yet, what's the deal?

Jason Weigandt said...

Johnny G
Hey, I remember you racing GNCC in 2003 and totally kicking ass (a freaking PODIUM!!!!) because that hot blonde you were with said she was making you train. Uh huh.

Millsaps troubles have been pointed toward his lady. After his strong riding so far this year, I am thinking those rumors are not true. But at the very least, we know as long as he's chicked up, he's not gonna' tell Bates that she is his motivation to get on the podium. So, we have to do it some other way. Perhaps a crazy bet is in order?

You might be right.... Reed isn't just faster than these guys, he's more consistent, also. With Stewart there was always the chance of him throwing it all away. Reed's using the running game--he will not throw.