Thursday, January 17

Thanks for your comments

Please scroll down to "The Reasons" post below. Loyal blogandters have dropped in their 2 cents on the SX season, and I even dropped in some responses to their, um, responses. I feel like the motocross message board community is in flux right now, so maybe I can skim some of the talent and turn this place into grand central bench race station. Or maybe I'll just get flamed. You know, when I was acting in all the plays in high school the word "flaming" used to get thrown around a lot.....


rocky said...

I think your blog is such a better place for bench racing than a message board. You are a true mediator: People send you comments and you get to choose whether or not they're posted. On message boards, any schmuck can post whatever they want, whenever they want. Sure, their comments can be deleted later on, but it's so much better if the bulls**t can be deleted before anyone has to see it.

The only problem I see is if you get so overwhelmed with people sending you comments that you say "Screw it!" and quit doing Blogandt (which would be a shame).

John said...

Since I can't seem to post on "Not Chicagoing AGAIN", I'll comment here. Brother, do you need an agent? As man of your fame and stature, as your agent I would never have you wasting time in some windy city, dirty ass airport!! I'll structure deals for you with DC, Jendro, the NPR peeps, etc. You know I can get in and around the scene...I just can't find the shortest way to the Dallas press conference. Hell, I'll have Red Bull and Monster bidding on you. I'll have you flying in G4's and being picked up in Limos like a Rock Star...Did I inlcude Rockstar in the bidding above? At a mnimnum, we'll get Windham to let you fly co-pilot in his plane. Just sign below and your in. You need me brother!!! Get away from commercial airlines and cheesy hotels. I am your manfriend-Agent.

Englishman in S.D said...

Tell J Law to take his handlebars out of the '80's and rotate them forward about 20 degrees.
I GUARANTEE he'll win if he does, if he doesn't I'll give him a Benjamin.

Jason Weigandt said...

I am knocking on the wooden desk at the Holiday Inn as I write this. I have yet to get a comment I need to delete. Well I got one, but that was a fake from my buddy. So far so good here (and you just know I'll let everyone down as soon as this gets good and people really get into it).

John (Martini)
Dude, I have no choice. I had to come to Chicago to do Arenacross TV work--so this was a necessary evil. If anyone can make all the big stuff happen, it's you bud, so get on it.

Are you kidding? Those bars are gonna' be perfect for A2!

Mom! Toilets blogged! said...

Yes, the word Flaming does come to mind.

cpsmith58 said...

First off, you outgha rock with that John dude, he sounds like he's got connections and can really be your man-friend. Do you think you're at the stage yet where you need a man-friend? Sorry, it appears Mathes is taken.

And speaking of Mathes (or is it Matthes, I can never remember), I listened to that last night and your future in the industry is pretty much toast. Between the whole high school musical thing and the fact that you'll talk to RC at the drop of the hat, but Barry Carsten scares you, it's pretty much over, dude. Oh and the quad thing, that was waaaaaaaayyy over the top.

As I listened to that, I was struck by 2 things. 1) Mathes could hardly get a word in edge-wise. I suppose that's ideal from his standpoint, an interviewee that won't shut up, as opposed to mono-syllabic answers from someone like RV (or my teenage son, who RV could take lessons from). And 2) Ys, you talked non-stop, but most of it was actually interesting because you're a fan and we're all fans and we get to 'see' things that we would like to see through your eyes. The GNCC stuff was cool, about how low-key it all is etc. And the part about you showing that you got published in an actual magazine and they way it shocked your professor, pretty funny.

Can't wait for Anahiem Retro night, baby!

Jason Weigandt said...

About halfway through that thing I realized it was supposed to be his show and he was supposed to be doing the work to keep it going. Then I realized I didn't understand what it was like to not be the host. And I still don't.

Mom, Toilet's Blogged:
If I;m flaming it's only because your mom lit my fire.