Saturday, January 26


Looks like we may be able to add it. Races we thought would be mudders for sure but weren't.

Last night it stopped raining at around 1 am. This morning, at 8 am, we're leaving the hotel and it still isn't raining. In fact, the sky is blue. Yes, the track has taken on A LOT of water over the week, but it's covered, and we know that does help--it kept Anaheim 1 in decent shape after 5 inches of rain on Friday night. As we know, when rain is in the forecast, you only need a 5 hour window to get this show in (they will start practice at 5 and be done racing by 10).

In other words, we may not have a mudder after all. It could be tacky, sticky and rutted, but not a full-on bikes-are-gonna-have-trouble-finishing mudder. Of course, if it rains after 5 pm, we're screwed.

Stay tuned.

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indianduneser said...

How about the privateer making his first top 5 at a mud race! Go Henry, I mean Dowd, I mean Jacob... :)