Thursday, January 3

What? Supercross begins in 48 hours????

I spent a solid two weeks vacationing, proposing and basically forgetting about the whole darned sport. But now that I've been in California for two days, I realized what the problem was: no one is talking about the sport right now. This has to be the least hyped, least buzzed A1 ever--this is ridiculous, but I suppose the idea of someone challenging James Stewart for the title this year is ridiculous, too. So now we have what we have.

But I'm starting to feel some pumpitude coming on. We had some real fun last night at the Honda Red Bull intro and today's PC was pretty good. I'll report on it all soon, but for now we're off to the annual Racer X go-kart night at Pole Position.

But the blog is once again the place to be!


Rad Racer said...
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Reese said...

Glad to see you're back!
Boy, they sure hyped up this season on the Preview Show on CBS! They just overlooked the fact that Carmichael, the Greatest of All Time, isn't racing anymore!! I'm glad they tried to hype it up, but after two years of the big three battling it out, I see this year being a Stewart run away. We shall see!

Mitch said...

Have fun for me...Stay mega-pumped etc while your tires hook up on the muddy starting gate.


Anonymous said...


Tell you what would get me pumped on an Anahiem Mud Race. If David Knight and that Polish Dude would show up on 2-strokes !

How come when it comes to mud races nobody ever talks about the '97 mudfest in Dallas ?
You know , the stadium with the hole in the roof so God can watch his Cowboys play.


M. Brown

nunley said...

Weege, I listened to the press conference and couldn't believe you didn't ask Reed or Ferry if they had exchanged Christmas cards! Or how far off Langston or Hill are on Reeds lap times, your usually the MAN at those pink elephant questions. Well maybe you asked them and they didn't get put on the air. Anyhow, congrats on the engagement! Don't go soft on us yet!

Anonymous said...


2 Things.

To get me properly pumped on a Anaheim mudfest I would like to see Knight and that Polish Dude ride. I know , their not pre-entered.
But that would make things interesting.

How come when talking about Supercross and Mud nobody mentions the '97 mudfest at Texas Stadium. You know, the stadium with the hole in the roof so that God can watch his Cowboys play ?


M. Brown

Jason Weigandt said...

Reese, thanks for the comments and yeah it's too bad RC (#@$*&@^$&#*^$@&*@#^ oh wow I just got tagged by a lightning bolt!!!! Oh well it's on this season!

Latron, thanks boss.

M Brown (downtown M Brown?) I would love to see Knight add a supercross win to his other stuff...unless the polish kryptonite shows. KTM could win here without a linkage! And Dallas was bad in '97 and '95 when Doug Henry won his first.

Nunley, I suck at hosting the press conferences and I never ask the tough questions. You must be thinking of someone else.

cpsmith58 said...


Congrats on the engagement (assuming she accepted? Screw SX/MX, that's big, as in REAL LIFE big. Seriously, congrats.

See you in St Louis, I got the Gas Card, babee! I'll try to come to the right floor this time. But I did scam a meal while I was on the 'wrong' floor. Hope you didn't go hungry as a result.