Monday, January 21

The New York Football Giants....

Are going to the Superbowl???? They're not even good!

I pulled an all-nighter before heading to the airport at 5 am Sunday morning, and I slept on the plane ride home. Have I actually woken up? Was that game for real? The Giants clearly outplaying the Packers at Lambeau? I'm in thus euphoric state of shock and happiness right now. The Giants and going to the Superbowl! The Giants are going to the Superbowl!

The Patriots are the best team ever and the Giants only lost to them by 3 points when they played a few weeks ago. You know what that makes the Giants? The second best team in NFL history. And it was close. So this is a dream match up.

Or wait. Maybe it's not a dream.

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cpsmith58 said...

SOOOOO bummed that Peyton didn't make it. Love the guy, despite the fact that he walloped my Bears last year in the Super Bowl. Totally a class act. And Favre is gone too? Both great guys and a tribute to the sport. Eli played very well and Plaxico was unstoppable, great competition between he and that rasta dude whose name escapes me. Happy that the kicker made the 3rd attempt, I always hate it when you see someone choke and you know they'll relive it every night for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.

Peyton is so nice, that's what makes this so funny.