Saturday, January 26

Still no rain

Wow. I went to post "Still No Rain" as the title of this blog, and the Firefox browser typed it in automatically as soon as I typed "St." How come? Because I had just posted that as a blog title a few weeks ago in Anaheim. On Saturday. Wow.

So yeah, still no rain here. The track is covered--although they say it was so wet yesterday that plywood and tuff blox were FLOATING around the stadium. I just saw David Vuillemin and he said they might as well just take the plastic off the track now and soak up whatever sunshine they can If it rains tonight, it's going to be muddy anyway, so you might as well take the chance. DV also said his thumb is still hurting him, and he hurt it all the way back on October 30. And finally, although he's a good mud rider, DV said riding a muddy supercross is different than motocross (same thing Broc Hepler said at A1).

We'll see how this turns.



"LET IT RAIN" "LET IT RAIN" Since everyone thought the man from DOWN under had the title since the dissaperance of bubba. Well think twice go K-DUB! #14

Anonymous said...

Hey Jason... at Predictify we posted a question asking who will win the muddy mess of a supercross today... you can see the results here.

Jason Weigandt said...

Wow predictify...and it was correct! Very cool.
- el blogandto