Saturday, January 5

It's Here

I don't even have time to run through all the stuff we've done since getting out here to California. After a great Red Bull Honda intro party on Wednesday night, we held the SX press conference on Thursday. Then yesterday we headed to Pro Circuit to shoot our SX preview show on Racer X Films, and stopped by Troy Lee Designs for a tour. I then whipped up Racerhead real quick before heading to Tom White's house (the founder of White Bros.) for a tour of his amazing motorcycle collection. It's right up there with Primm. Through it all though, there has been scant amounts of bench racing going on. I think everyone is scared to think too hard about all of this, because anyone rational will realize Stewart has a huge edge until someone proves otherwise.

Unless it rains, and then anything can happen. It finally opened up last night, but it's not raining right now. Moreover, the track is covered in plastic so at the moment it's all good. If it's not raining tonight, I will begin a running tab of "races we thought would be muddy that weren't," because this has happened plenty of times before.