Friday, March 7

are you serious

Chad reeds bike blew up on the last lap while he had a giant lead. I can't even believe this. That's the hardest rain I have ever seen during a race
Ok I am heading to gncc in georgia with the scott goggle guys. That's my fourth race in a week. Daytona week rules!

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rocky said...

Man, you have to feel bad for Chad. Three turns to go and he was ahead by a minute?!

I'm sick to death of mud races, as I'm sure the riders are, but Dirt Wurx has done a very commendable job of salvaging the muddy tracks this year...until Daytona. I understand that it's impossible to keep the track pretty during a torrential downpoor, but didn't they look at the weather forecast before they started digging down into the dirt to make the obstacles (thus creating a multitude of muddy swimming pools)? If they would've built the obstacles on top of the infield and invested in some water pumps, the track wouldn't have been nearly as ridiculously flooded.

And what the hell is "chunking" your goggles?