Friday, March 7


On tuesday I got a phone call from a woman named julie from of her announcers would be unable to work the event due to medical troubles. She needed an announcer and I guess someone heard our webcast on xm and suggested thing I know I'm one of three announcers here at daytona. Oddly I've never even been to the speedway so when I went to get my credential and saw the place I was blown away. You can't imagine how big this track is. Its ridiculous.
So I'm all pumped and can't believe my luck. I am announcing as part of the live cre at daytona tonight.
But just when I thought i couldn't get any luckier, this announcement comes out today that the daytona folks have won the bid for ama pro racing properties. So this is probably a good day to have as your first day on the job at daytona.


Anonymous said...

Weegee what up dude? It's Max from L.A. (originally Canada) again!
You mentioned you got a phone call and "got lucky"!! I can hardly call that luck... More like HARD WORK! Dude you are everywhere I look in the MX industry. I was even youtubing some Loretta's footage from a few years back... Who do I see interviewing the winners? The Weegee board himself!!!! The only reason you got this call is from your hard work over the years. YOU MADE YOUR OWN LUCK, and I admire that. You are the man!

PS: Did Reed end up pushing his bike thru the finish line? How did he get 6th?

Anonymous said...

Where were you? What happened? Were you supposed to be on Speed with Jeffro and that moron Sheheen? Or doing the local play by play. Ive personally written about 30 letters to Speed on your behalf suggesting they can Ralph "Martin Lawrence is showing him a wheel" Sheheen in favor of you and Holley.