Monday, March 17

I'm sure he said this

This is from this week's Chad Reed press release that comes from Fluid PR, his PR agency. Do you really think Reed said these words?

"This is a disappointing outcome after I was setting myself up to take the lead," said Reed.

"I had to sit out the final practice and haven't felt well all weekend, so to be in the position to potentially win this race was very positive."

"I felt as though I had enough to hang on and win this so seventh is little reward."

"It also hurts in terms of the championship, though I am lucky in a sense that Windham didn't take maximum points."

It's a shame that you can tell quotes are fake because a rider is actually speaking properly. Check out line two above. No racer would say, "haven't felt well." They would say, "haven't felt good" even though it's not correct.

On Saturday night I started mentioning the next major error in racer speak. Riders have dropped the word "enough" from their cliche podium speeches. They all say, "Yeah I can't thank my team for all the hard work they put in." Can't thank them????? How about Can't Thank Them Enough???


Anonymous said...

It could happen, they may have said "i dont feel well, enough"
p.s. please lose the naked fat man pic.

Kreative said...

That Windham didn't take maximum points?

Speaking of bad press releases and podium speeches, who do you think gives the best sermon? Serving - Up a Buffet of Whoop Ass - Trey (get it, serving tray?? Er, guess I'm the only one who gets that) Canard has been doing his best Arsenio Hall "Coming to America" impersonation (you know, that preacher...) on the podium. He seems so holy giving props to the big guy. Was I supposed to capitalize the B and G??

ian and kate said...

wow, that's pretty lame. being in communications, all i could think while reading those lines was the theory of framing. they obviously are just putting his name out there and trying to sound decently smart in order to still win the fans and give a reasonable explanation to his bad finish.
if you look at the san manuel racing site, i noticed that from their Daytona results, they say "Chad Reed maintains championship points lead with sixth-place finish". it's all about framing.
-a two-stroke girl living in a four-stroke world

Anonymous said...

Maybe they "could care less" about thanking their teams! Maybe the teams are in the way, not putting any work in, and the rider is working around them, making the teams impossible to thank!


Kreative said...

Speaking of PR, most of the top-flight racers have their own site or at least have their nakesake url reserved. Even up-and-comers like Eli Tomac have theirs. I almost choked on my Little Debbie snack cake when I discovered someone purchased a Website Tonight package in "honor" of Ryan Villopoto. Translation: someday we'll get a PC Kawasaki out of this $6.99 investment.

Anonymous said...

My favorite PR speak comes from the MIA (thankfully) Tyler Evans. Did One Punch even make it One Lap?

Tyler Evans has signed a deal that in his words �will make all the difference and put him back inside the top ten. For the 2008 Supercross season Tyler will be riding an MDK prepped Honda CRF450. The other headline sponsors are Rockstar Energy, One Punch Clothing, 661, Fly Racing, and Look forward to a very exciting season from Tyler. He said the first time he rode the bike, it was 10 times better than any Suzukie he rode last year.

Englishman in S.D said...

I don't think the PR company can speak English properly either.
I'm sure it should be " 7th is small reward" not "little reward".
The last paragraph sounds like an Italian who just learnt English spoke it.
What he really said was;
"Thanks to Yamaha ,San Manuel, Thor,Scott, Alpinestars & Bridgestone".
Personally I think Bob Hannah should write everyones speeches.

MIKE D said...

I think your right, however Austrailians seem to use "proper" English, more often. Your right It sounds strange though.

You know what bugs me. You can tell these kids have done alot of homeschooling, because NO English teacher would let this slide.

Me and my team........

Me and Ben........

Me and my girlfriend........all wrong.

My Team and I.

Ben and I

My girlfriend and I

Im not singling anyone out because alot of the fellas talk like this. It just doesnt sound very smart. Just a pet pieve.

Anonymous said...

Ask Chad Reed's pr people when Windham started wearing No Fear boots. No Fear's site doesn't even list the clogs.

Anonymous said...

Good posting. And I agree. Remember when the Anaheim 1 press conference rider statements/interviews were released in written form? They were so hard to read. The riders were saying "you know" every other word. It was, you know, painful to read.

rocky said...

You could drive yourself insane thinking about all the grammatical errors that spew forth from the riders' mouths. I'm just sick of all the catchphrases. As if reading the list of sponsors off of a pit board wasn't boring enough, does every rider that makes it onto the podium need to mention how "super-pumped" they are? And Trey, it was physically impossible for Ricky to give 110% so I'm pretty sure that you giving 200% isn't physically possible in our known universe. At least they quit starting off every sentence with "I'll tell you what..."

Anonymous said...

Thats pretty lame. It is funny how most dont say enough. I guess they had enough of saying enough. Damn i'm funny. ha ha
Keep up the good work.

Capaianc said...

I was hi-fiving you over the airwaves during your telecast of the Minneapolis event. It was only a matter of time before you came down on these guys about the way they completely screw up the English language………but what do you expect from a bunch of high school dropouts and home schoolers? The teams and sponsors should take some responsibility for teaching these guys the proper use of the language; riders don’t get paid just to ride a motorcycle, but to be marketing vehicles. By contrast, watch a Formula 1 race sometime and you’ll be amazed at not only how well spoken the drivers are but how completely fluent they are in numerous languages. It isn’t easy, I know. When you have a champ like Ricky Carmichael articulating “I’m not gonna leave nothing on the table” and Jason Lawrence dropping f-bombs and “dudes” in his best Spicoli-speak, you can begin to understand that educators aren’t going to be the biggest influence in a kid’s life. Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough Kevin Windham’s to go around in this sport, although there is reason for optimism……….we still have a long way to go before we sink to the levels of NASCAR.

By the way Jason, you need to look to your left once in awhile and slap that Jim Holley every time he drops a double negative or twists a sentence inside out.

geedavid said...

I think Jason Lawrence must have attended the Jeff Matiasevich school of public speaking. No body did more to harm the image of the pro motocrosser than the Chicken.